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Sep 30, 2017
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Sep 14, 2017
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Jul 22, 2017
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May 10, 2017
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Dec 31, 2016
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59 minutes ago
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1 day ago
Which Asian country is your favorite, which era would you like to go back to? by Naiwen 1 0
3 days ago
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4 days ago
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Drama review Vlog suggestion by ilovemassu 0 11 No discussions yet
BROMANCE 2 by Lost 2 57
11 days ago
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11 days ago
What dramas are you currently watching? by BiyaS 1.3K 37.7K
12 days ago
Does Anyone Know? ; An Obscure Drama With No Name - Please Help ^^;; by Drama Dork 2 72
Drama Dork
13 days ago
Recommendation? by ajo 4 298
Nikon p
15 days ago
Testing Your Drama Taste by Cheer 112 9.6K
Nikon p
16 days ago
Rich Man, Poor Woman. Getting a Korean Remake! by Kataomoi 7 283
16 days ago
What themes or plots in Asian dramas disturb you? by Anajwo 14 223
20 days ago