Guilty or Innocent

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here's the game: 1st person would make a question or statement (it's your choice). next person would answer whether he/she is "guilty" or "innocent". After that he/she will post another question/statement to be answered by the next person :D rule: remember it must be answerable by "guilty" or "innocent" only. OPTIONAL :) if possible let's make the setting like were in a real "court" were in you would throw question or statement that is embarrassing/difficult to admit. lol XD example: person A: you drop a drama when you don't like it.:/ Person B: "guilty" you used to bully little kids >:)) *evillaugh* Person C: Innocent then Person C will post another statement. and so on :)
let's staaaaaaaaaart!! :D you hit the fast forward button when the drama gets boring-.-
Innocent. EDIT: I'm an idiot.
2nd attempt here I come! lol. most of my list is airing dramas..xD
errr guilty... with out looking @ her drama list, is it right of me to judge her guilty?
Edit: I'm an idiot again.
Guilty.. for not asking a question.. Do you think DiAnine is a dude?
Guilty. You hate eating vegetables :)

talking while your sleeping...
Oh fun, I was too busy with the whole "guilty or innocent" thing to pay attention to the actual game, I was playing it wrong. Guilty, I've been told I say quite the weird stuff. Dropping dramas without even watching 1 whole episode.
Innocent.. [I never dropped a drama w/o watching the full 1st epi...]

Do you judge people by there looks?
Innocent. Watch dramas simply because the lead actor/actress is hot.
I admit, I'm guilty..xD lol marathon 16 episodes of drama in just one shot and after completing it you realize your living like a zombie. O.O
errr Guilty w/full of remorse lol thanx to Iljimae and LJK I became a zombie...

are u a moody person?...
Guilty..xD have you ever watch a drama without eng sub?