By now we've all learnt a thing or two. Songwritters have a short life expectancy. It's good to be a Jeju diver when you crash on a deserted island (or have one at hand). And most importantly: be careful what you're wearing when flying, you may be stuck with it for the next 4 months. Is there a reason for choosing such a limited palette? It's not like different timelines would get mixed otherwise, it's clear even without it.

1. It's a not very subtle way of showing they're all connected.

2. ..or: an extreme case of bad styling (a whole crew sharing one closet).

3. ...or: a meta on bad styling - the girl is a stylist after all. A conscious mockery.

Share your thoughts.

LMAO, all that pastel caught my eye from starters. I was asking myself the same question by episode one. Also, I'm quite puzzled for the girl's limitless abilities as well, damn... talk about luck. I'm thinking this show is Korean version of Lost, let's see. 
I don't think the beige is a coincidence, either. I though it was a concept but although they're under the same agency, they're still different groups, there are crew members and others also wearing beige/white... well. It's quite obvious. 
I can't get the show off my mind. Many theories... many questions... ugh. I love this. 
Missing 9 special
PD : "Interestingly, all of their clothes are in beige. When they're in reality, they wear clothes in achromatic colours, including beige. It's something we're consciously controlling. When they drift to the island, they wear clothes in vivid colours. I think you'll find out when you watch the show." 
Whether it'll really be properly explained or not idk, but another factor could be for the cinematography purposes by the PD, since the colours on the island are little and mostly dull. 
i was wondering that too! it seems strange for all of them to be wearing beige... someone posted a theory on twitter which tbh, makes the most sense to me? plus it's very interesting to think about -
Ooh, sepia theory sounds solid.
xDDDDDD I think I'll go with the sepia theory too 
it's "all the rage beige"

I noticed it too.  horrible.
I'm really curious about the reason for the beige tones too. One reason it's started to bother me is that I noticed even in flashbacks taking place before the day of the crash, they are all wearing beige (such as the night Jae Hyun committed suicide). So I thought maybe it was a clear line between past and present, but there's still something strange about it. I hope there's a really interesting reason for it.

@VELVET - I like that theory on twitter, but I wonder if she would really forget? She's a stylist, after all. But it would be great if it did have something to do with memories being misrepresented, like unreliable narrator.
LOL, that theory do makes sense! 
lol! maybe all that beige was chosen to compliment their bland surroundings of sand and dirt for an overall outdoorsy kind of homely look. Or it could have just been the same guy who directed Autumn in my Heart. Both seemed to have a particular fondness for beige haha
Annnnd now they're wearing bright colors. Well, I'm stumped, lol. I guess we'll just have to wait and see for now.
@TheGrowlingStomach I miss the 'like' button in your comment. XD 
Well, I do believe there is a reason, even more so now that they're wearing bright and distinct colours - each one a different colour, you see. There has to be a story behind it. 
I found an interesting article about "Color Theory: Meanings Behind The Colors in Breaking Bad (West Series)". The creator and executive producer of that show has used color as a way to communicate mood and meaning on the show. And I thought Missing Nine's did it too. 

Here's the link :
I call that over the top art directing.