I personally am very into Photography, swimming, and hiking.

I'm into reading, singing, watching kdrama, anime or any non-asian movie or show, and fangirling :)

Yah, I also enjoy going to concerts!

does mice hunting count as a hobby ? ;-)

More "seriously" I like gardening and playing chase with my kids and when they let me have a bit of free time... watching drama (O surprise !)

[as for the mice hunt I have to explain that there is an invasion in my attic for the last few weeks and it is turning into an obsession I have to confess...]

I like to test new technologies and software, for example, I've never come across this https://www.massmailsoftware.com/extractweb/ software for extracting email addresses from websites before. What do you think about it?

Mushroom hunting - woods have public access in my country, so it is the hobby of many people here.

Reading light novel books and manga, watching dramas and anime. 

Biking, swimming, online shopping (mainly light novels and new plants to my garden, but it is almost like a jungle already, so I can't buy more - or not the big ones).

I like watching tv shows and video editing! :)

i love to write, read, and swim

Art has been one of my favourite go-tos whenever I feel down and need a breather. I may not do it as often as I used to but it brings a lot of comfort as well as helps me get into the flow of doings things and completing them. 

Odk if it's a happy but I perpetually have crushes that I squeal over.

I adore Chinese culture and everything related to it, so my hobbies and interests are also related to it. I'm into collecting hanfu clothing, because my grandmother started it, and I continue it so to speak.

I like taking walks, shopping, art, fashion, makeup, and watching kdramas :)