Could someone please explain the ending to me? SPOILER!!!!

So she was randomly reborn and he found her?And if yes...  how did she remember?  And then she is mortal and they live in the mortal realm. Is that what happened?

Thank you

Season 2 is coming, so you'll know for sure.
We don't know all the answers, just that their child is most likely half human and half immortal.
Night Immortal is still visiting and their kid's favourite person. She could of course gain back her immortal status, I have the feeling they're raising their child as 'normally' as they possibly can.

Thank you. I will wait for season 2 then.

hi nadine! :) i’ve read the novel so i can tell you what actually happened in the ending —no need to wait for season 2, as it most likely won’t focus on the main leads but their child instead.

so jin mi was reborn in the mortal world, but she “cultivated” to become an immortal —or as the citizens in the ending were gossiping about, a “demon” (we must remember that xu feng is still part of the demon realm even though he has given liu ying the demon ruler position).

the reason why jin mi remembers xu feng after being reborn it’s because she has passed her “love trial”. in the drama, Lord Duomu said “If your heart lives, your fate will not end. Ashes of brahma is protecting her —she sacrificed herself in the heaven and demon realm battle and saved the six realms from suffering, it’s the highest merit and virtue. Her trial has been undone. She’s waiting for you at where you two first fell in love.” The place where xu feng “snatched the bride” was where they first met when they were living in the mortal realm. And obviously, the ashes of brahma did protect her, hence why the drama title is ashes of love.

this together, makes jin mi still jin mi after being reborn. how do we know this? it’s quite evident when she said that she can still not see colours while xu feng was playing with their child :)

next, how do we know she is immortal? i guess it requires basic knowledge about this whole xianxia concept but i don’t mind explaining :) to put it simple, a human can “cultivate” to become an immortal. this was exactly what jin mi did. she was reborn as a mortal, but she cultivated to become an immortal. it’s a lot easier for her too, especially after when xu feng “snatched the bride”; he has prepared 6000 years of prowess for her. in the novel, it makes it more obvious that the prowess is one of the things that is symbolic of them expressing their love for each other because jin mi will ask for it every day. take note that in the drama, she was obsessed with asking for prowess in the early episodes, so for xu feng to give her the 6000 years of prowess not only helps with her cultivation and immortality but this is also seen as a replacement of her dowry and an answer of his love for her :) we know she is immortal because no mortal can cope with 6000 years of prowess without cultivating.

as for the question about them living in the mortal realm in the ending, yes this is true in the drama (however, in the novel they remained in the demon realm). in the drama, while xu feng was searching for jin mi’s spirit he resided at the house that she resided at in the mortal realm when they were having their redemption. we can assume that this is the house they’re now living in the mortal realm to live a peaceful life as xu feng has given up the position as demon king. since the beginning, he has only cared about jin mi anyways so it doesn’t matter to him where they’re living. but one thing we know for sure, he still doesn’t want to belong to the heaven realm; it’s an interesting aspect of this story because the good and bad are twisted in the heaven and demon realm —quite realistic i say because people usually fantasise heaven being the place where peace is everything but in actual fact, everything and everywhere  has flaws.

but of course, this doesn’t mean that they stopped communicating to other people in the other realms. for example, jin mi is still nurturing flowers, evidently when lian qiao from the flower realm came to the demon realm to gift liu ying the “iris” saying that it was a new flower nurtured by the water immortal; jin mi is the water immortal, another reason to believe that she is still an immortal after being reborn. in the novel, she visits the moon/fox immortal a lot and tends to get in trouble by xu feng for always hanging around with the moon/fox immortal :’)

answering johanna — their child is not half mortal, half immortal. he is a full immortal. it’s more obvious in the novel, but in the drama we know this because jin mi calls her son xiao lu (remember that his real name is tang yue, which is a name given by xu feng because tang yue was the name of the family shop that jin mi was reborn at. in the novel, jin mi calls xu feng lazy because of this lmao). xiao lu basically means “little lu” and the “lu” in his name comes from his real form which is a white egret (the result of a phoenix + a frost flower). this is why he is dressed in white! white egret in chinese is called “bai lu” :)

i highly recommend for you guys to read the novel (it’s translated by online fans!). It’s pretty short too, so it’s not going to waste your time haha :’) the epilogues makes the story so much more satisfying! It’ll be interesting to see what the production team has in store for season 2, because there is no “season 2” in the novel lmao. i personally think the ending was perfect in season 1 so i’m highly anticipating for the second season! :)

i hope this reply answers your questions! 

Where have y'all been able to find the Novel translated into English at? I'd love to give it a read

@KJCTTD: Search up Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost by Dian Xian at One Second Spring :)


Where have y'all been able to find the Novel translated into English at? I'd love to give it a read

the main translator is one second spring. You can find her translations at her site. There's also another translator that's currently translating the book more indept. Most of the links can be found at

Novel updates

There's a new epilogue made for the series and its translations is by Dorayakiz

Thank you @xiaorong ! That is helpful information for those like me that hasn't read the novel.

Thank you to the both of you @pikajun @xiaorong

Thanks @xiaorong for the helpful explanation. I joined just so i could let you know.

you’re welcome @Lilypilly :)

Hi.  I just finished watching this series.  Loved it, but felt like it was like the same tragedy on repeat a few times.  Regardless, a few things about the ending that really confused me is.  

In episode 63, when the voiceover of the JM's father's master (Lady Duaomo) giving the explanation about how JM's soul was saved because she saved so many people in the war and that she is waiting for him where they fell in love.  I mean, when did she realize this and when did she tell YF?  Because she did not tell YF this when he first when to go see her to ask for advice on how to get JM back.  At that time, she only told him that she sees what you see and vice versa.  

Also, YF seemed sure that JM was the one in the marriage carriage.  So if he knew that was her all along then why did he not go see her sooner before she got engaged or the wedding day?  

And if JM had all of her memories, then why would she agree to a marriage with the Prime Ministers son?


do you mean when did doumo tell xufeng that jinmi is waiting for them where they first fell in love? if so, we can only assume that he was told this some time after when jinmi was reborn as a mortal, but we cannot know the exact time when he was told this other than hearing the voiceover. 

regarding your other question, again, this was not explained in the drama but we can assume it's because he was waiting for the right time, especially since (before the marriage)  jinmi was in the process of cultivating to become an immortal, which was said through the voiceover (this might explain the number of elixirs he prepared for her too; those years jinmi spent living as a mortal could also be the years he spent to prepare those elixirs). or another assumption could be that doumo did not tell xufeng about jinmi's whereabouts until she grew up.

same goes with the marriage in the ending, it was never properly explained. but we can assume that it was all planned from the start for her to 'escape' with xufeng and live an immortal life. in the novel, she was on her way to becoming the emperor's concubine and xu feng's appearance was at first mistaken as one day jin mi was going to become an empress because the phoenix usually represents an empress. but in the end xu feng was just there to snatch the bride, lol.