Hello everyone,

I've been waiting for Jin Ki Joo to appear in a new drama after Come and Hug Me. It was a show I liked a lot, mainly because the incredible way the Jin Ki Joo can express emotions, and make the other actors around her shine. The drama was clearly great and received lots of praise. 

After watching the first 4 episodes of this drama I started getting the same feelings I had while watching Come and Hug Me. When the male lead is alone on screen, without Jin Ki Joo, his acting either seems over the top, or a little too weak. But everytime Jin Ki Joo gets on screen, his character shines. While this might be a different genre from her previous drama, I really believe that this drama will end up being one of the best if not the best drama of this season. She reminds me of when I saw Park Min Young for the first time in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim. Another example of a drama that was successful purely because of the chemistry between the main characters. I think this drama will end up somewhere in between Come and Hug Me and  Wrong With Secretary Kim. There is lots of comedy aspects but I get this feeling that it will become a lot more serious down the line. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jin Ki Joo develop throughout this drama. I think it'll be a blast. Interested to hear what you guys think.

Yes, I was highly impressed with her in Come and Hug Me and was surprised to recognize her in Splash Splash Love and Scarlet Heart when I was re-watching parts of them after that. She's quickly become one of my favorite actors right along with Park Min Young, who speaking of is again making a drama shine in Her Private Life. I remember first seeing her in Sungkyungkwan Scandal, but I think it was Healer that really made me love her.

Of course, we're actually talking about Jin Ki Joo here. I'm really hoping she gets a lot more main roles coming up. I was watching Kill It which stars her co-star from Come and Hug Me, Jang Ki Yong, and it felt wrong not to have her there making the show shine. Obviously part of a drama's quality is in the storyline, but good actors can make a bad storyline entertaining. Jang Ki Yong without Ki Joo and with Nana just didn't have that same pull; however, I'm not slighting him, I thought he was excellent for the role in My Mister.

I thoroughly agree that this drama will be a blend of Come and Hug Me and What's Wrong With Secretary Kim. I love when writers can successfully integrate tragedy/thriller into a comedy. I look forward to how this show does this season and hope to see both the ML and FL in future dramas/movies!