I'll be honest, I dont know where this movie was created, I'm just hoping if anyone has seen it:

I saw a few years ago, from what I vaguely remember, there was a young man, who was kept locked up by a couple (honestly, maybe not locked up, possibly just hiding in the house). The husband would assault his wife (no nudity ) and leave, the young man would come afterwards to help her. Then the wife would for some reason take the young man to get a bath, and starts assaulting him in the bath out of frustration, but he then starts liking her. At the end I think they end up in a beech where she let's him go, or tries to kill him vice versa.There's a possibility he's mute or has a mental disability, but honestly, at this rate all of this could be fake in my head. The closest film is "the backwater 2013" but it didn't have the tub scene.

If this is the wrong forum to post such a request, I apologise.