As the title suggests you ask a question and the person has to answer which they prefer over the other.
"Coffee or tea?"
The next person has to reply with either coffee or tea or just simply say neither. Keep the game going by asking another question. It can be just about anything from dramas to actors to whether or not you want to know if the next person likes pineapple on pizza or not. 

I will start: Morning showers or night showers?

Night showers

Hot Tea or Cold Coffee?

Hot tea

Halloween or christmas?


Steak or Sushi?

Steak. i’ve never had sushi lol

pizza or cheese burgers?

I love both xD hard to choose..

long hair or short hair?

Looooong Hair

Lee Jong Suk or Lee Soo Hyuk

Lee jongsuk ... not even a competition lol 

Manga or manhwa ????


Historical or Modern Setting?


Coke or Sprite?


Monochrome or Colored (clothes,nail paint etc)


Early Bird or Night Owl?

Night Owl

Boy Groups or Girl Groups

Girl groups

Going to sleep early or all nighters?

All Nighters

loud music or quiet music