Hey guys so I just watched a Japanese drama called "Million Yen Women" and holy crap......it was a masterpiece! I haven't been moved by a drama in this way for a while now. It brought out new emotions in me that I haven't felt before. Everything was so perfect. I found myself in and endless cycle of emotions. 

SO, part of the reason why I loved it so much was the amazing soundtrack. However I can't find any of the instrumentals or OSTs anywhere online or on youtube (besides the ending song). The songs or any of the music contributors aren't even listed. Does anyone know where/how I can find the instrumentals and songs from the drama?


I haven't seen the drama but the Japanese wikipedia of the drama says that Yusuke Tsutsumi did the score. He has a website with links to his songs and soundcloud and stuff, no idea if you'll actually be able to find the songs you're looking for but hey, it's something

Also Shinco from Scha Dara Parr (the hip hop group) is also listed as a music contributor

Best of luck!

Idk if it can help u but in mp3Juices site u can find OST of any dramas.

Hope I could help u.