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except fan xian and his mother is there anyone else from the modern world like current timeline? 

because in season 1 fanxian's mother said except for her and him there are more people from the modern world 

and did fan xian ever went into the underwater gate thing.

did fan xian ever get into the god temple like the place that ye qingmei walked out of?

does the god temple thingy idk what the english translation is like the shen miao thing does it exist in the novel?

thank you for the spoilers! it makes me understand things more so its fine !

I have seen mentions of the emperor being killed by Wu Zhu with his laser eyes, and then by Chen Ping Ping with the gun on his wheelchair. And now, Ruo Ruo?

damn a lot i've heard the mpereror got curious and opened wu zhu's eyes

if i dont remember wrongly, its sort of reverse time travel. in the novel.

FX and his mother are from our modern age. 

but they did not travel to the past. but came into the future. a future, that only looks like the far past.

the period, that we see in the drama, and in the novel, is not the past, but the future.

some sort of catastrophe (ww3?) happened, and the world reverted to ancient times, coz all the modern technology disappeared. 

think of planet of the apes theme.

any show similar to jol in the terms of time? like in the drama ver where you go to future taht looks like the past . i've heard someone said dr stone 

"The Snowball Earth" hypothesis.

wait ye qing mei actually likes the emperor? i thought i heard sm1 said that she only was marriying him for his sperm

so what will happen after the death of emperor?

Very big spoilers below!

Actually, just wanted to correct some things. Fan Ruo Ruo didn't kill the Emperor, she wounded him. The sniper took out one of his arm and he took her as a hostage during the exchange. However, due to whatever reason, maybe curiosity or at death's door; he wanted to see what was under the black cloth in Wu Zhu's eyes. So he made an attempt to attack Wu Zhu. Once the cloth fell, a pair of beautiful rainbow light blasted out. Which is the pew pew laser from Wu Zhu. It pierced through the Emperor's body and set the distant building on ablaze, since it's so powerful. Emperor was probably the strongest out of all grandmaster.



so what will happen after the death of emperor?

The third prince took the throne as the new Emperor. People still wanted Fan Xian to pay the crime of assassinating the old Emperor. But none got the gall to actually put that into action. Fan Xian was just too powerful at the end, he has networks of spies and shadow masters working for him. He is the most powerful person in the shadow/underground. He retired with family outside of the capital city, I believe it was the courtyard/house his mother used to resides in. The new Emperor paid him a visit, he's still very much scared of Fan Xian lol. Their relationship develops as student/master throughout the story, and he actually witness what Fan Xian is capable of, many times. Anyhow, Fan Xian told the Emperor that: "who ever wants my property or my life, tell them to come take it, they know where to find me", and all the Emperor could do was "hah...yes..master". Lol

Keep in mind that this is what happened in the novel. The drama adaptation might be different. I liked the 1st season, will watch season2 when there's more episodes. Story will get much crazier here on out.


Later on FX will kill Yan Xiao Yi with sniper rifle. Then he lost it taken back Fan Ruo Ruo as she will kill the Emperor with this sniper rifle at the end of the novel to protect FX.

Damn, I gone into the ending of the story. Hopefully this has shed lots lots of light to you. Just enjoy the drama.

I knew the rifle would be useful when I saw it but if I remember correctly, the rifle shown in first season is M16 (5. 56 x45 NATO) not the Barret 82A1 using 50 BMG round, which is EXTREMLY POWERFUL and can shoot down helicopters and shoot through APC armour. 

50 Cal VS. Human Head ( 

Damnn that's a one hell of the weapon ML got there and nothing even in modern world is surviving that!


Actually based on the novel, Fan Xian is a time traveler. It is different from drama as CCP banned time travel drama.

The modern world people only exists in the drama not the novel.

In the novel, Fan Shen is actually Fan Xian as he is paralyzed patient waiting for his life to end in the hospital. As he died, his mind time travel to ancient period as a baby. As he kept this mind and knowledge of modern world intact. Looks like those isekai anime.

I hope I have answered your questions. If you have any questions, I will try to answer it as best as I can. Sometimes I may get the fact wrong as I can't remember every details of the novel.

Did crown prince actually slept with Elder Princess (Li waneer mom) and was attracted to her?

I saw someone making stupid claims in comment section.