Hi guys. I really wanted a place to put my thoughts and read the thoughts of others on the series Midnight In Hagwon as it's airing. Episode 3 showed today so I'll put my thoughts on it. Please feel free to discuss the show as you wish.


Teacher Seo seems to like a challenge. Once there is an idea she thinks she can work with, she becomes unstoppable and crazy-eyed. She has to see it through.

There’s no putting it lightly; she was giving Jun-Ho special treatment by asking the director to make him the face of the academy. She was worried about him and wanted to give him a head start (I think?). This tells me that she is an emotional person. Her co-workers see her as serious and strict, but, she’s quite emotional. I think Jun Ho knows this about her.

I don’t think she was attracted to him at the start. Her eyes gave no signs of that. But in this episode, she’s more aware of him, giggling left and right, and in the dark classroom, her eyes are overly aware. She’s already fond of him because of their past relationship, but now he’s funny, smart and overconfident. I think she likes that. I feel that in the last episode, she was worried that their relationship was a bit too informal for work and tried to draw a line. But her guard won’t go up no matter what and right now, I think she hasn’t exactly noticed that happening.

But there are some holes here and there I’ll admit. Why would she reply to his texts after telling him that she’s home now and goodnight? I can understand telling him that she was home but not replying to his texts after. He’s being cheeky and she thinks it’s funny and sort of cute. If she didn’t why would they show us a scene of her texting with him deep into the night? I mean she has work. What could they even be talking about? I can’t imagine what on earth there was to talk about that was so funny.

Anyway, the point is that she already likes these things about him and they wouldn’t have become an issue but they will be because he’s totally flirting with her and will do so even more in future. Think about it. A teacher with a daily life that’s usually so mundane and standard and suddenly, her days become super jarring. She laughs him off but consistently hearing things like that… will give anyone butterflies.

Then the enemies- gosh are they piling up one by one. Honestly, I didn’t think of it before I saw the poster. But after I saw it, I immediately understood that the other teachers would be upset. It would have been less upsetting if it had been just him on the poster because it would have given -just using our new face- vibes. But both of them? That gives him an interesting position in the office as a newbie, especially because they know that she knows him from the past. It’s clearly an advantage. The White Witch is now after her (She has no right to be mad when she started it!), the other public-school teacher is still out there and dangerous, the teacher that came in with Jun Ho. I’m sort of worried about the English teacher who has a crush on Ye Jin too. I don’t think he will hurt her but I think down the line, when their relationship comes out, his disappointment might hurt her. Actually, I’m worried that this will go up in flames and their Hagwon will end up in big trouble because they will certainly have a relationship, these two. Everything was her and Jun Ho’s idea, so if there’s a mess ( it won’t come now but later, and it will be big), just imagining her director’s disappointment is making me sad already.