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Let's share our ultimate top 5 and help each one of us discover the beauty of these dramas! These are just my own opinions. Share a lil something about the drama to REALLY make us watch it. No Spoilers Please!

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

- Fun and refreshing! Perfect after finishing a sad, disappointing, or hard-to-forget drama.

2. Healer

- This is just perrrrfect.

3. Reply 1994

- I love the characters SO BAD and you can relate to them as well. 

4. Queen In Hyun's Man

- You will feel the love between In Hyun and her man. For real!

5. Oh My Ghost

- This has the cuteness, romance, mystery, and suspense all in one amazing drama!

That's it! Let me know if we have the same faves. Happy watching!

1)  Reply 1997

2) 1% of Something 

3) Nine: Nine Times Travel 

4) Marriage,Not Dating

5) 5 Children
  • 3.moonlight drawn by the clouds
5.you are beautiful
Thank you thank you!

@zaibazafrin watched everything except number 3 so I'll definitely watch that! :)
1. Master's sun: refreshing plot, chemistry between the leads develops nicely
2. Mask: this is just amazing 
3. I hear your voice:a balance between many genres (crime, romance, supernatural, mystery,law)..both leads are lovable and have amazing chemistry 
4. Jewel of the palace: amazing plot, the lead actress inspires me..she has a strong and a determined character
5. I remember you/Hello monster: mystery, suspense plus bromance and romance  
1. I Remember You
2. Reply 1988
3. Descendants of the Sun
4. Healer
5. Pinocchio
1. Kill me, Heal me: amazing plot and chemistry, with a lot of funny moments. (Even my sister, who doesn't like dramas, watched it)
2. The princess' man: the love story is so good, the costumes are amazing and the plot will have you on a rollercoaster of feels.
3.MASK: amazing plot, well developed characters, the female lead dresses so well.
4.My girlfriend is a gumiho: so so so funny and cute and it will just warm your heart. The romance isn't cringey and the leads are so cute.
5.Master's sun: oh my god idk where to begin. It has everything you need in it and I love how the cold-gearted CEO begins to warm up. 

i'd also like to recommend Scarlet heart ryeo, The greatest love and Oh my ghost :D
1. Reply 1988
2. Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo
3. Oh hae young again
4. Oh my ghost
5. Goblin
1. Signal
2. Kill me, heal me
3. Remember - war of the son
4. Mask 
5. Bridal Mask

oh my ghost
ojakgyo brothers
new tales of gisaeng
the moon that embraces the sun
5 Korean dramas that I Highly recommend:

1. 9 Ends 2 Outs - takes the cliche of friends falling in love and turns it into a moving story with a lot of heart
2. Special Affairs Team TEN - best police/procedural drama that S. Korea has churned out - interesting cases and characters
3. Alone in Love - a natural and emotionally nuanced telling of the story of a divorced couple
4. Reply 1988 - a wonderful tale of community, family and friendship - hilarious and sweet
5. Signal - fabulous acting and incorporates a lot of real S. Korean cases into story line.

1. Signal
-for those whose like thriller, suspense, mystery. The actor and actress are really good, wont let you down.This is highly recommended from me:)

2.Marriage, not dating.
-for those who's looking fro something light, simple, and funny. eventhough the story itself pretty cliche, but it is really fun to watch and also gives you rollercoaster emotion lol.

3. It's okay, thats love.
-psychological themed, heart-wrenching. recommend for you guys whose love how relationship growing and the story is pretty heavy. i cry a lot watching this drama.

4. Age of youth.
-relate-able stories, especially for teenager like me :3

5. Another Miss Oh.
-definitely fun, will take you to anothe level of roller coaster emotion. couldnt say its light, but its not that heavy either. been watching this for 3 times already!

it's so hard to pick only 5 but this is my all time dramas!
1) weightlifting fairy Kim bok joo 
2) dots 
3) full house 
4) playful kiss 
5) 1% something 
1) Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
2) Age Of Youth
3) Kill Me Heal Me
4) Descendants of the Sun
5) Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
1)Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo
3) Healer
4)Beautiful Days
5:)Devil Beside You