Hi, i want korean drama where the male guy is framed/went to prison for someone and is looking for revenge an example is innocent man and padam padam. Romance have to be one of the main story. Thanks

Green Rose

My strange hero

they always got framed at some point, joke aside


Doctor Prisoner

Falsify (i dont think this one went to prison but revengeee nonetheless)

Thanks, i’ll check those out

Gets framed at some point:

  • Princess Man - family/clan was framed for treason, thus they were wiped out except ML
  • Healer - gets framed, and was wanted by cops
  • Ugly Alert - goes to prison due to tajing a fall for younger brother, no revenge plot
  • A story of a man - but romance is not the main plot 
Good-bye Mr. Black! Love revenge plots and this one is based off The Count of Monte Cristo!

Not framed, but I believe the lead is seeking revenge in Monster.  I got side tracked with other dramas and never finished it but heard the ending is good!  https://mydramalist.com/16419-monster

Thanks. A story of a man and healer looks good i’ll check them out

Goodbye mr. black is exactly what i’m looking for. If there is similar drama to that please recommend me. Thanks

If you are interested in Spanish dramasas there is one also based off The Count of Monte Cristo.  It is from Argentina. Used to be on Dramafever that is where I watched most of it. :( i think it was called Monte Cristo.  I liked it.  I cant think of anymore like Goodbye Mister Black but try East of Eden. Another really good revenge plot.

  • Two Weeks 
  • Smile has Left Your Eyes 
  • All in 
  • Defendant 
  • Scarlet Heart Ryeo 
  • King in Love 
  • Oh the Mysterious