You have to rank your dramas that have completed from January 2019 to June 23rd. Currently airing dramas do not  count. But they could start ariring in 2018 and end in 2019.  Rank in order from worst to best 

 [ i'll only rank 10 because i've seen to many and i'm too lazy to rank them all lol ]

in order from worst to best:

  • 10. radiation house
  • 9. he is psychometric
  • 8. arthdal chronicles - part one
  • 7. kingdom
  • 6. eulachacha waikiki 2
  • 5. her private life
  • 4. the crowned clown
  • 3. the fiery priest
  • 2. touch your heart
  • 1. confession

sorry, i know u asked for in ranked order from worst to best, but its waaay easier to sort from best to worst.  (also, i would say these are my top 15, there's a bunch not on here that didnt cut the none of these are the worst)  The criterea for me is purely which i enjoyed and looked forward to each week.    (Also Arthdal and My First First Love arent on here since they are really ongoing with S1 & S2 in same year)

  1. sky castle
  2. story of ming lan
  3. memories of alharama
  4. the legends
  5. kill it
  6. romance is a bonus book
  7. tower of babel
  8. her private life
  9. confession
  10. doctor prisoner
  11. abyss
  12. put your head on my shoulder
  13. crowned clown
  14. hajimete koi wo shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi
  15. item

Order best to worst:

1. Angel's Last Mission: Love  (I know this is still airing but it´s just one week more and I already that nothing is gonna be better than this drama)

2. My First First Love

 3. Romance is a Bonus Book

4. The Secret Life of My Secretary

5. Beautiful World

6. Love in Sadness

7. He's Coming To Me 

8. Best Chicken

9. Her Private Life

10. Abyss    

11. Put Your Head on My Shoulder  

12. I Hate You Juliet 

13-Just an Encore 

14. Touch Your Heart 

15. My Fellow Citizens!   

16. The Light in Your Eyes (Sorry for the extra)