What are your thoughts on the webtoon versus the drama?  Differences in plot points?  Casting? 

I think that the casting of Min hwan and Soo min is so perfect. In the webtoon its hard to express some of the facial expressions we are able to see in the drama, like Soo min's fake smile and such. I think I like some of the plot point changes so far such as the earrings. I think it makes Soo min's intentions so much more clear and that much more evil.  

I have heard some people don't like the casting of Ji Hyuk which I totally disagree, maybe hes not the exact image of that in the webtoon but I really like him and his face exudes the green flag that he is. I also love Eun Ho, he is so beautiful and Hee Yeon, she is so bubbly and full of kind and healing energy.

So far, they've kept fairly close to the original storyline, though some of the details have been changed to add more drama to the TV series. They added some things that wasn't in the webtoon, like the camping trip and the judo lessons, which I liked since they helped better connect the storyline.

The acting is fantastic, but I particularly like how they went more in-depth with Jiwon's mental and emotional state. Like, she initially wanted to run away, but then decided to get back at her AH boyfriend and BFF. But as she continued with her plan, she starts to realize that when she changed the course of her life, it doesn't just affect her, but also the people around her. She also had to relive a lot of painful memories from her past life, and while they showed that in the webtoon, the TV series was more hard-hitting.

I don't like how manager Yang is shown, I felt in webtoon she was much more stronger character, I might remember it wrong plan to re-read it again from beginning 


I don't like how manager Yang is shown, I felt in webtoon she was much more stronger character, I might remember it wrong plan to re-read it again from beginning 

Exactly! she was stronger and cooler, she knew SM was off and was more friendly with JW...

In the preview for the next week I'm a bit disappointed guess they didn't go with a red dress as in the webtoon, for JW... >.<


I don't like how manager Yang is shown, I felt in webtoon she was much more stronger character, I might remember it wrong plan to re-read it again from beginning 

Not just Ms. Yang, they made changes to Mr. Lee's character too, making him colder and stiffer than the friendly guy we saw in the webtoon. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I guess if production copy everything from the webtoon, it would be boring and predictable for those of us who have read the webtoon. 

They totally messed up on the webtoon version. No ex fiance. I know only 16 episodes. So they can't give side characters their stories. They should have added more episodes and did the webtoon justice. Instead of this crap. Wtf ML never got ran over by the truck. Guess that is part of their ex fiance's idea? Boring writers. If i was the author I would be mad at this shoddy work

Someone said they are following the novel, than the manhwa.

I feel like the drama did a very good job showing the story - it felt better connected and logical even. I like how they made subtle changes to make the revenge even more satisfying than the webtoon (didn't know that was even possible lol). The webtoon was obviously, well, cartoony and some situations would seem ridiculous in real life and they changed that so, good job there. This was up until the last episode. They completely changed the direction of the story by introducing the ex fiancée (who frankly seems unnecessary to plot except causing male lead's accident tbh. And why was the accident even needed? Even in the webtoon, it was during the accident that Jiwon found out ML is from the future too so what purpose does it serve here when she already knows that?). I hated Jiwon in that last episode. Like she went from girlboss to frustrating af real quick.  It seems as if they ran out of content to fill 16 eps so they introduced that snobby af character, which I got to know from the og novel readers were the most filler chapters in the novel too (the fiancee part was excluded from the webtoon). 

I got the details from the novel and yes, the manhwa and the novel is different. Many details were excluded from the manhwa and shortened becuz of the complains that the novel was unnecessarily long. But since the kdrama should run 16 eps and the novel has more situations to add, the novel was adapted. So far the drama has adapted the novel very well and even added extra details. 

The manhwa is 181 chapters, the webtoon condensed that into 69 chapters, and the drama series is 16 episodes. Obviously the novel is the most detailed but I'm put off by the value-expense ratio. I enjoyed the webtoon a lot and the drama even more.

It is my personal belief that Pangi the orange tabby is an homage to a feisty tomcat named Pete who was prominently featured in what was probably the very first-ever SciFi time travel/revenge story. 'The Door Into Summer' was written by Robert A. Heinlein in 1956. Pete inspired the title by meowing at the front door (asking to be let outside) only to be confronted by a snowstorm. So Pete proceeds to the back door and meows, expecting it to reveal Summer. The title is of course a metaphor for changing one's fate much like as Ji-Won was able to achieve in this drama.

The main character of TDIS is a cat owner/brilliant inventor who is betrayed by his unfaithful fiancé who is cheating on him with his best friend & business partner. They conspire to seize control of his company and his inventions. In despair he has himself cryogenically frozen and wakes up in the future to see the poor results they made of his creations. Then he meets another inventor who has discovered time travel and the protagonist goes back to get revenge and set things right.

For those considering purchasing the web novel on Yonder, I will add a caution that it gets super expensive (over $50) and the story honestly drags. The best parts are in the webtoon.

I have just finished the drama and wanted to jump in here.
I have not read the novel but I'm guessing that the story sticks much more to the novel rather than the webtoon, because there are alot of things that are changed.

Honestly, I would have been fine with most of it if it wasn't for the "second" antagonist that was Oh Yura. This add on character added a cliché factor that wasn't as present in the webtoon. I liked that the webtoon pushed the limits on the antagonist characters of Somin and Minwhan. The add on of a "bigger" villain felt weak when the actress portraying Jung So Min was absolutely fantastic in her role (and Minwhan's actor was also superb!). Maybe it is because I haven't read the novel, but I would have rather had skipped the Oh Yura plot and continued with the webtoon honestly. Yes, it was a nice extra thing that they had to "switch" fate but it got dragged after abit unfortunately. 

There were some key things in the drama that I took into account being very different from the webtoon:

  1.  ML did not die the way he did in the drama. It kinda took out some of the desparation he had in the start. This also changes up alot of factors tied in with this.
  2.  As previously mentioned, the absence of a second antagonist in the for of the ex fiancee. I think most of us can agree about this and that is about enought said honestly.
  3. The change in characters of Mr. Lee and Jang Yuran. 
    1. This one kinda hurts, because their characters being so different (and colder) kinda made it harder to see them as these characters at all. Mr. Lee being an HR chief instead of being a younger colleague who falls in love with Yuran...
  4. There was a general lack of the fluff and extra romance sidestories that we get offered in the webtoon and here it only hints at romance budding with the side characters.

I did like that the drama showed more emotion tho! And it was much less of a cartoon-y villain when the antagonists were acting out their parts in some cases as well. 

I would definitely recommend those that are interested in reading the webtoon to give it a try! It is quite different so I do think it can be fun as well!