We Watch Challenge 2024

Happy New Year and Thank you We Watch Challengers for a good inaugural run in 2023!
This is the forum thread for We Watch Challenge 2024 under “General Asia”, to avoid this challenge being swiftly dropped to the nth page by the other rapid -fire forum games. 

For returning challengers, the steps and game mechanics remain the same, with new badge design.
For new challengers, read on for the details of this challenge.

Fancy taking part in a Watch Challenge that is less time demanding, and in the process watch a drama you have not watched before and make new MDL friends? Join the We Watch Challenge 2024 and get your customized badge*. Participants who collected at least three customized badges in 2024 will be placed in the We Watch Challenge 2024 – Hall of Fame. See Hall of Fame post below.


  1. Recommend a drama to the prior Challenger before you, and include a drama image or weblink of a drama image of this drama at the same time.
  2. Be recommended a drama by the next Challenger after you.
  3. Watch the drama recommended (at (2)), and then rate the drama with a tag line or comment on what you like/don't like of the drama, after completing the drama.
  4. Be awarded a customized* "We Watch Challenge 2024" badge. See badge design below.
  5. Tip: Browse the prior Challenger's Profile and Watchlist to better understand the types of dramas he/she likes/dislikes.
  6. New Note: Each Challenger should complete watching the drama recommended to him/her before recommending a drama to the next challenger.

Example Templates:

Challengers are welcomed to customise the Example Templates, but do include the basic info as shown on the Example Templates below.

Mr A

Edit 1: I accept Ms B's recommendation to watch Alchemy of Souls. Status: PTW
[Mr A accepts the next user's (Ms B) recommendation to watch AoS and plans to watch it soon.
[If Mr A is not able to watch AoS as he is not subscribed to the streaming platform or blocked in his region, he will not be able to accept and will need to ask Ms B for another recommendation]


Ms B

I recommend Mr A to watch Alchemy of Souls
[Ms B recommends prior user (Mr A) to watch AoS and includes a drama image or a weblink to a drama image of AoS at the same time. This drama image will be used for the customised badge if awarded]
Edit 1: I accepted Mr C's recommendation to watch Reset. Status: Currently watching
(Ms B accepted the next user's (Mr C) recommendation and watches the recommended drama)
Edit 2: Status - Completed and rated it 8.0/10 - Not perfect, but quite addictive that could lead to slight post-drama traumas
(Ms B watched and completed the recommended drama and rated 8.0/10)


Mr C

I recommend Ms B to watch Reset
[Mr C recommends prior user (Ms B) to watch Reset and includes a drama image or the weblink to a drama image of Reset at the same time. This drama image will be used for the customised badge if awarded]
Edit 1: I accepted Ms D's recommendation to watch Alice in Borderland. Status: PTW
[Mr C accepted the next user's (Ms D) recommendation and plan to watch AiB soon]


Ms D

I recommend Mr C to watch Alice in Borderland
[Ms D recommends prior user (Mr C) to watch AiB and includes a drama image or a weblink to a drama image of AiB at the same time, and waits for the next user to recommend her a drama to watch and rate]

Remember that when you recommend a drama to the latest challenger to watch and rate, you are immediately signed up to receive a recommended drama to watch by the next challenger. Thus, please refrain from recommending a drama to the latest challenger if you have not complete watching the drama recommended to you.

Steps to insert image:

We Watch Challenge 2024 Badges

Be awarded a customized We Watch Challenge 2024 badge:

  • Customised Gold badge if your recommended drama is rated 10.0
  • Customised Silver Badge if your recommended drama is rated 9.0-9.9
  • Customised Bronze Badge if your recommended drama is rated 8.0-8.9

Please use the the Standard Participation Blue Badge above, if your recommended drama is rated below 8.0

MDL Resident Badge Designer Rien has again voluntarily done up 32 professionally designed We Watch 2024 (Starter) Badges. Thank you Rien!

Here's a sample of 6 badges. Do visit Rien's forum page for all 32 badges.


The award ceremonies for We Watch Challenge 2024 will be held in the 2nd weekend of each month (instead of the last weekend of each month) to avoid various monthly challenge feeds/posts crowding out the award ceremony feed/post.

We Watch Challenge 2024 - Hall of Fame

Participants who collected at least three customized badges in 2024 will be placed in the We Watch Challenge 2024 – Hall of Fame.

Challenger Status (Updated at least once monthly)

Challenger #User NameRecommend Drama to Prior UserRecommended Drama by Next UserStatusBadge
015Xiao ZiTsuiraku JK to Haijin KyoshiParallel WorldAccepted: CW
028AlexParallel WorldI Am NobodyAccepted: CW 6/27
037Grumpy WitchI Am NobodyLove Me, Love My VoiceDropped
020dearutoLove Me, Love My VoiceWhere The Lost Ones GoCompleted: 6.5/10
038Sugar CrownWhere The Lost Ones GoKingdomCompleted: 8.2/10
031disdoortionKingdomKiller and HealerAccepted: Dropped
004TaniiKiller and HealerOh No! Here Comes TroubleCompleted: 9.5/10
003SaygoOh No! Here Comes TroubleLighting Up the StarsCompleted: 9/10
039IsabelleLighting Up the StarsReady, Set, LoveAccepted: PTW
040Michelles_MusingsReady, Set, LoveCan't Help Falling in LoveCompleted: 8/10
002SKYLINECan't Help Falling in LoveFrom Now On, ShowtimeCompleted: 7/10
001xBBBLUEFrom Now On, ShowtimeMy Only Love SongCompleted: 8/10
021Sugar Crown x2My Only Love SongResetCompleted: 8/10
002_choa_ResetLove Me If You Dare
002SKYLINE x2Love Me If You DareWeak Hero Class 1Completed: 8.5/10
017jennWeak Hero Class 1Lost RomanceCompleted: 8/10
040Michelles_Musings x2Lost RomanceLove Between Fairy And DevilAccepted: CW
009JulyMoonLove Between Fairy And DevilThe How's of UsCompleted: 10/10
002SKYLINE x3The How's of UsWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooCompleted: 7.5/10
041CamWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooSweet HomeAccepted: CW
017jenn x2Sweet HomeMystery to LunakareCompleted: 9/10

011ElbeeMystery to LunakareAbout YouthCompleted: 9/10

jenn x3About Youth17.3 About a SexCompleted: 8.5/10
042Selma17.3 About a SexOne Day OffCompleted: 8/10
009JulyMoonOne Day OffWho Rules The WorldCompleted: 8/10
043arthvmisWho Rules The WorldTwinkling WatermelonAccepted: PTW
011Elbee x2Twinkling WatermelonLike In The MoviesCompleted: 9.5/10

017jenn x4Like In The MoviesMy School PresidentCompleted: 9.5/10
044solanaMy School PresidentWe Best LoveCompleted: 10/10
042Selma x2We Best LoveUnder The SkinCompleted: 8/10


004Tanii x2Under The SkinMotherCompleted: 10/10
011Elbee x3MotherRinko-san wa Shite MitaiCompleted: 8/10
017jenn x5Rinko-san wa Shite MitaiMove To HeavenCompleted: 9.5/10
001xBBBLUE x2Move To HeavenA Familiar StrangerCompleted: 9/10
042Selma x3A Familiar StrangerOh My GhostCompleted: 6/10
017jenn x6Oh My GhostTell Me That You Love MeCompleted: 8/10
011Elbee x4Tell Me That You Love MeYu Yu HakushoCompleted: 8/10
017jenn x7Yu Yu HakushoTsuiraku JK to Haijin KyoshiCompleted: 7/10
038Sugar Crown x3Tsuiraku JK to Haijin KyoshiNew Life BeginsAccepted: PTW
020dearuto x2New Life BeginsSwitchedCompleted: 7/10
045emsSwitchedBetter DaysCompleted: 8/10
004Tanii x3Better DaysExtraordinary Attorney WooCompleted: 8.5/10
017jenn x8Extraordinary Attorney WooMoonlight ChickenCompleted: 8.5/10
042Selma x4Moonlight ChickenJuvenile JusticeCompleted: 9/10
011Elbee x5Juvenile JusticeMoonlightCompleted: 8.5/10
020dearuto x3MoonlightRun OnCompleted: 7/10
002SKYLINE x4Run OnWhen I Fly Towards YouCompleted: 6/10
045ems x2When I Fly Towards YouBlue BirthdayAccepted: PTW
004Tanii x4Blue BirthdayBeyond EvilAccepted: PTW
011Elbee x6Beyond EvilGaus ElectronicsCompleted: 8/10

003Saygo x2Gaus ElectronicsBoyhoodCompleted: 8.5/10
011Elbee x7Boyhood3 Nen A Gumi: Ima kara Mina-san wa, Hitojichi DesuCompleted: 9.5/10
009JulyMoon x23 Nen A Gumi: Ima kara Mina-san wa, Hitojichi DesuMama GogoCompleted: 9/10
042Selma x5Mama GogoLove You Seven TimesCompleted: 7.5/10
020dearuto x4Love You Seven TimesLove Is Color BlindCompleted: 6/10
002SKYLINE x5Love Is Color BlindVigilanteCompleted: 6.5/10
046Sweetsis_warriorVigilanteA Business ProposalAccepted: CW
011Elbee x8A Business ProposalHidden LoveCompleted: 8.5/10

047MmopusHidden LoveJust Between LoversAccepted
031disdoortion x2Just Between LoversKoisenu FutariCompleted: 8/10
017jenn x9Koisenu FutariSomeday Or One DayCompleted: 8/10
011Elbee x9Someday Or One DayEnigmaCompleted: 9/10
046Sweetsis_warrior x2EnigmaMissing Noir MDropped
042Selma x6Missing Noir MGaus ElectronicsCompleted: 8/10
020dearuto x5Gaus ElectronicsCrazy LoveCompleted: 7/10
048fulltimetrashCrazy LoveCrash Landing on YouAccepted
017jenn x10Crash Landing on YouKiss GoblinCompleted: 7.5/10
002SKYLINE x6Kiss GoblinHIStory 3: TrappedCompleted: 7.5/10
017jenn x11HIStory 3: Trapped3 PapasCompleted: 9/10
046Sweetis_warrior x33 PapasResetAccepted
011Elbee x10ResetThe Warp EffectCompleted: 8/10
017jenn x12The Warp EffectHanging OnCompleted: 7/10
002SKYLINE x7Hanging OnUnder the SkinCompleted: 7/10
046Sweetis_warrior x4Under the Skin3 nen a gumiCompleted
009JulyMoon x33 nen a gumiWelcome to SamdalriCompleted: 8/10
011Elbee x11Welcome to SamdalriThe EclipseCompleted: 8/10
017jenn x13The EclipseFemale CEOCompleted: 7/10
046Sweetis_warrior x5Female CEODevil JudgeAccepted
049leafless7Devil JudgeVoiceCompleted: 9.5/10
011Elbee x12VoiceLeap DayCompleted: 9/10
042Selma x7Leap DayNot MeCompleted: 10/10
017jenn x14Not MeHit the SpotCompleted: 8.5/10
003Saygo x3Hit the SpotEncounterCompleted: 8/10
050Jojo77EncounterCrash Landing on YouCompleted: 8.5/10
011Elbee x13Crash Landing on YouFirst Love: HatsukoiCompleted: 8.5/10
049leafless7 x2First Love: HatsukoiLight On MeCompleted: 9/10
017jenn x15Light On MeOre no Sukato, Doko Itta?Completed: 9/10

011Elbee x14Ore no Sukato, Doko Itta?3 PapasCompleted: 9/10
046Sweetis_warrior x63 PapasA Murderous Affairs in Horizon TowerCompleted: 5/10
031distoortion x3A Murderous Affairs in Horizon TowerOne Spring NightAccepted: CW (4/32)
050Jojo77 x2One Spring NightHealerCompleted: 9.5/10
009JulyMoon x4HealerBad BuddyCompleted: 7.5/10
002SKYLINE x8Bad BuddySomeday or One DayAccepted: CW
049leafless7 x3Someday or One DayNot MeCompleted: 10/10
017jenn x16Not MeSeirei no MoribitoCompleted: 7/10
011Elbee x15Seirei no MoribitoThe King of PigsCompleted: 9-9.5/10
049leafless7 x4The King of Pigslove mateCompleted: 9/10
046Sweetis_warrior x7love mateTomorrowCompleted: 5/10
051neriyaTomorrowIt's Okay To Not Be Okay
Completed: 8.5/10
050Jojo77 x3It's Okay To Not Be OkayMarry My HusbandCompleted: 8/10
Marry My Husband
Sweet HomeAccepted

017jenn x17Sweet HomeCasa Amor: Exclusive for LadiesCompleted: 8/10
009JulyMoon x5Casa Amor: Exclusive for LadiesResetCompleted: 9/10
011Elbee x16Reset
Love EnduresCompleted: 8.5/10

020dearuto x6Love Endures
Weak Hero Class 1Completed: 8/10
017jenn x18Weak Hero Class 1Racket BoysCompleted: 9/10
046Sweetis x8Racket Boys
Daily Dose of Sunshine

003Saygo x4Daily Dose of Sunshine
Memories of Murder
Completed: 6/10

009JulyMoon x6Memories of Murder
The GiftedAccepted: CW

044Solana x2The Gifted
Alchemy of Souls
Accepted: CW

050Jojo77 x4Alchemy of SoulsOur SecretCompleted: 7.5/10
020dearuto x7Our SecretTwinkling WatermelonCompleted: 9.5/10

017jenn x19Twinkling WatermelonSoundTrack #1Completed: 8/10
051neriya x2SoundTrack #1All Of Us Are DeadCompleted: 9/10
046Sweetsis x9All Of Us Are DeadDr. ChocolateCompleted: 7/10

003Saygo x5Dr. ChocolatedeleAccepted: PTW

051neriya x3deleThe Story of Park's Marriage ContractCompleted: 10/10
020dearuto x8The Story of Park's Marriage ContractExclusive FairytaleCompleted: 7/10
050Jojo77 x5Exclusive FairytaleSomething in the RainCompleted: 8.5/10

017jenn x20Something in the RainSweet SensoryCompleted: 8/10
053ElishevaSweet SensoryTriageCompleted: 5/10
017jenn x21Triagezombie-100Completed: 7.5-8/10

046Sweetsis x10zombie-100The Miracle of Teddy BearAccepted

017jenn x22The Miracle of Teddy BearDali and the Cocky PrinceCompleted: 8.5/10
050Jojo77 x6Dali and the Cocky PrinceMr. QueenCompleted: 9/10
020dearuto x9Mr. QueenDeath's Game Part 1 & 2Accepted: PTW

051neriya x4Death's Game Part 1 & 2Bokura no ShokutakuAccepted: CW (80%)

017jenn x21Bokura no ShokutakuFight For My WayAccepted: PTW

050Jojo77 x7Fight For My WayBloodAccepted: PTW

046Sweetsis x11BloodBad GuysAccepted

011Elbee x17Bad Guys

Updated as at Apr 20th, 1500H (UTC)

As shared earlier at the 2023 Challenge forum, to facilitate the transition, the last Challenger to recommend the final drama for the 2023 Challenge will be auto ported over to be the first Challenger to be recommended a drama in the 2024 Challenge.

So starting the 2024 Challenge forum is Xiao Zi. Do recommend a drama to Xiao Zi!

Happy to be the one to start this year's challenge!

I accept Alex's recommendation to watch Parallel World. I was meaning to watch it last year, but didn't get the opportunity. Thank you for the rec!

Status: CW

I recommend Xiao Zi to watch Parallel World. It's in your PTW and it's a really interesting c-drama with a unique setting and world-building that I hope you will like. Happy watching!


Open for a rec! I would prefer something from my PTW list but don't let that limit you. :)  

I accept Grumpy Witch's recommendation. The drama really looks interesting and I'm looking forward to starting it soon. 

Status: CW 6/27

I recommend Alex to watch I Am Nobody. It has many fun moments, it was one of my favorites from last year, and it's in your PTW  list.


I deleted all dramas from my PTW list, but I am open to watching South Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dramas. Preferably not romcoms and not with anyone from The Blacklist, please.


I accept deauto's recommendation. I do enjoy romcoms with no extra drama. 

Status: Dropped at the start of episode 8.

Thoughts:  After being stuck in episode 7 for two months, I decided to cut my losses and drop it.  It was too plain and unexciting for me. One thing I did get from the show was the amazing songs performed by TJC.

Happy to be back in 2024!

I recommend Grumpy Witch  to watch Love Me, Love My Voice! It's a cute love story with no additional drama. Great to pass time and relieve stress! Hope you like it as much as I do ^^ 

I accept Sugar Crown's recommendation to watch Where The Lost Ones Go !

Current Status: Completed! 6.5/10 

Couldn't really get into it :c but I do like the themes touched in the drama as well as the title of each episode

Finally joining this challenge! 

I recommend dearuto the c-drama Where The Lost Ones Go as it is similar to the basic story of 'Lighter&Princess', which you rated highly.  It only has 24 episodes and is one of the few dramas that stand the test of time in my opinion. :) 

Thank you disdoortion for the recommendation. Would it be possible to choose another drama? I have recently watched a drama that spoiled the entire ending on that :')... my PTW is only upcoming dramas but here's my Next Up list if that helps.

I accept disdoortion's recommendation to watch Kingdom.... I will also watch All These Years since I was planning to watch it soon anyway, but for the challenge I will watch Kingdom.

Status: Completed 

I watched both seasons of Kingdom, since season one ended on such cliffhanger. My overall rating for the show is 8.2/10. Admittedly it’s completely out of my preferred drama genre and I watched the first season while doing stuff however I liked the survival theme/scenes and s2 had me glued to the screen at certain points. I wish there was more dialogue between three of the leads  but if there will ever be a S3 I will watch it, even without getting it recommended :) thank you disdoortion! - oh and I also watched the movie All These Years! I‘d give it a 8/10

Glad to be back in 2024!

I recommend Sugar Crown to watch A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower. I haven't watched anything from your PTW so I picked this character focused murder mystery drama. I enjoyed it very much so I hope you do too. If you want to watch something else, let me know, I can surely find something else.

Okay then onto the second try! I only watched All These Years from your list which is a movie but I do recommend it, it's one of my favourites. Other than that I can recommend Kingdom (didn't find it on any of your lists so I hope I didn't miss it on the dropped list) which also has a second season that imo is even better.

for a recommendation, if possible, not anything with time manipulation.

I accept Tanii's recommendation to watch Killer and Healer. I honestly forgot this was on my PTW so thank you for reminding me!

Status: dropped

I tried to watch the first episode multiple times but each time it didn't work for me, I'm sorry. I can't even say why because when I read the synopsis it's exactly what I like to watch. (I'm a mood watcher tho so could be that, maybe I'll try it again in the future)

Finally the 2024 thread has started! Yay!

I recommend disdoortion  to watch Killer and Healer. There were a bunch of titles from your PTW list that I wanted to recommend, but I settled with this one first! ?

image link

I accept Saygo's recommendation to watch Oh No! Here Comes Trouble. I'm looking forward to it because I've been meaning to watch this show as well! :)

Status: Completed 9.5/10! I loved it. Thank you! If only there was an s2.

We are back :D. I enjoyed it last year and saw a lot of dramas not on my radar.

Recommendation For     Tanii        - Not to be that person who keeps recommending this  drama but I'm going to do it anyway lol.  I'm giving you Oh No! Here Comes Trouble. One of my 2023 favs and a good blend of comedy, drama, mystery,  thriller and friendship. 


Recommendation From    Isabelle     -I accept  Lighting Up the Stars.

Status- Completed

Rating- 9/10

Thoughts- It was a treat to see Zhu Yi Long play a character like this. I'm so used to seeing him play gentlemanly or refined characters in the drama's of his that i have seen. I almost did not recognise him. The story was really wholesome and heartwarming too.

my first time here >-< hope i do this right

my recommendation for Saygo is Lighting Up the Stars

i have a gigantic ptw so it would be nice if the recommendation is from it but i don't mind anything new :)

unfortunately, i've been quite busy so I couldn't and can't really find time to watch a drama with 1h 10min x 16 episodes :( but I will gladly accept anything that's on the shorter side, Michelles_Musings

i accept Michelles_Musings recommendation to watch Ready, Set, Love

status: plan to watch

I am so excited to participate in this challenge,  hopefully you can help me get through my PTW list and give me some great recommendations based the shows that I have loved. 

Isabelle I recommend  Ready Set Love this is one of my favorite thai drama's right now

I accept SKYLINE's recommendation to watch Can't Help Falling in Love. I wanted to try more content from the Philippines. 

Status:  Watched 4 Jan 2024, I loved the movie, it was fun, sweet and then it hit me with the feels.  I gave this one 8/10. Thank you  so much for the recommendation 

I recommend Michelles_Musings to watch Can't Help Falling in Love. I went through your list and I'm assuming you have interest in Rom-com and it's good to start year with something light and hearty.

^^ Found only one descent image where both of them are in frame.

Accepted xBBBLUE's recommendation - From Now On, Showtime

Status - Completed - 7.0/10 - It was a good one time watch. It started off well but felt dragged in the mid. Overall it was nice.

P.S - Sorry, ? blue.

I recommend SKYLINE to watch From Now On, Showtime!. After looking through your list, I think we have somewhat similar tastes. I mainly considered K-dramas which you rated highly and I think you might like this one.

I accept Sugar Crown's recommendation to watch My Only Love Song.

Status: Completed | Rating: 8/10

I really had fun watching this drama. It's just the kind of silly comedy that you can laugh while watching and you know from the very beginning that everything will end well.