What are some of your favorite quotes from the show? 

"It's OK, It's no big deal" 

It's what I needed to hear!

"There's no such thing as 'winning' or 'losing', everyone has his or her own life." - Sang Won

Let's be happy! - Dong Hoon <3 

"If you get to know a person, if you get to know them, nothing they do bothers you. And I know you." - Dong Hoon

"I liked all of the sounds you made, mister. And all of your words, and thoughts and the sound of your footsteps, all of it." - Ji An

“How could you do that…as soon as you cheated on me with that bastard you pronounced me dead. Because you thought it was okay for me to be treated that way. That was you saying that I’m worthless and I should just die.” - Dong Hoon

"I'm forcefully holding on to a heart that wants to fly away." - Dong Hoon

If this were the Joseon Era they would have erected a gate in your honor. - DH's Mom

"She said she liked this neighbourhood, to me, it sounded like she liked you." - Jung Hee

"You're a good person." – Park Dong Hoon

"I...can't die today. I'm not wearing expensive underwear." – Park Dong Hoon

"Want me to buy you anything?" – Park Dong Hoon

"Among the things that Mister said most often, I think that one thing was the kindest thing he said; 'Want me to buy anything on my way home?' The thing he used to say to you when he called you on his way home." – Lee Ji An

SondiaAdult (My Ahjussi OST Part 2)

"I thought I was in enough pain
But I guess there’s still a lot left

...As if I’m alone in this big world
No one tries to look into my heart
No one

...On what day, at which time, at which place
will my small world smile at me?" 

"I'm sure she was only hanging in there by listening to your voice." – Kang Yoon Hee

"He used to be a kind person. He used to be nice to me. And sometimes, when his dad used to hit me, he tried to stop him and he would get hit instead of me. Back then, the look in his eyes weren't the same as they are now...he is being tormented by his memories of the time he liked me, and I am being tormented by the memories of when he was nice to me." – Lee Ji An

"The two of you suffered so much, just because you met one terrible adult." – Park Don Hoon

"You're so nice to just anyone, like an idiot. That's why you're always suffering." – Lee Ji An         

"You listened to everything going on in my pathetic life, and yet you took my side. So thank you. I shouldn't want for anything in my life now. I can't stand seeing you in pain because you pity me, and I can't stand the fact that you're so pitiful. How could someone as young as you feel sorry for an adult like me? That breaks my heart too much for me to bear. If I can't show you that I'm living a happy life, you'll continue to be in pain because of me and when I think of you being in pain because of me, I will be in so much pain that I won't be able to go on. So just watch...watch and see just how happy I live my life. None of this is a big deal. Being humiliated, people gossiping about how my life is ruined, none of that is a big deal. I can live a happy life. I won't be broken. I will be happy." – Park Dong Hoon

"I really want you to be truly happy mister." – Lee Ji An 

 "There's this on girl who is the most pitiful person in the world, but said that I'm the most pitiful person in the whole world. I didn't live my life properly. I lost." – Park Don Hoon                  

"Well, go ahead and win now." – Gyeomduk

"If you first to me,  i should be first to you too.  Love doesn't come second. Is it love if i'm in second place? Am i even in second place?  "-Kang Yoon Hee

"I'm sure there's a reason why I've been sent to hell. I guess I can go after been sufficiently punished'' - Park Don Hoon

"Let me tell you that in this word, no one can change anyone. Is it is possible, it's all due to one's choice" - Shi Yue

"You  showed me that smiling is more powerful than crying" - Li Yun Kai


"It's OK, It's no big deal" 

It's what I needed to hear!

That's my favorite!!!!! 

'' I liked all of the sounds you made, Mister. And all of your words... And thoughts... And the sound of your footsteps... all of it. It felt as if I saw  what a human being was, for the first time. ''                                  Lee Ji An (ep. 15)

'' It's ok, ıt's no big deal ''  , It's what I needed to hear! .... also  this  too

"Honestly what's the difference between here and school? We have to be careful of how we act around our superiors, and they group people they don't like and make them outcasts!" 

Section Chief Song (Ep.5)

"The thing about human beings is that they live their entire lives in fear that they'll become failures. At first I was truly happy that Director Park had become a failure and because Director Park seemed to be fine (despite that) it made me even happier. It made me think 'it's okay to fail. It's nothing really. Even if you fail you can still be happy. He made me feel relieved. This neighbourhood looks like it's in shambles too and all of the people living here seem like broken people but they don't seem unhappy at all, definitely not, and that's why I like you because you make me feel so relieved." – Choi Yoo Ra (Ep.7)