The new Thai BL, The Vampire Project, that will be released in 2024 (no specific date yet) is looking amazing. With the plot, cast, chemistry and more. I can not wait to watch another BL with Boun and Prem. I'm so glad that Boun and Boss are in a production, finally. Also it's a vampire BL, which a lot of us have been waiting for. This will be an amazing watch in 2024, wish it would come sooner.

Couldn't agree more, and I'm glad that BounPrem are parting ways with what looks like their best series together.                                                                                                                                                                                                               On a personal note, although we sort of came close with Oddinary, I hope that one day, we'll get a vampire concept from SKZ.  It would be so amazing.

If that were to happen, I would literally die from excitement. But I'm so amazed with the new 'Rock-Star' album. 

Totally agree.  I've loved absolutely everything SKZ has ever done, including their solo stuff, but this latest comeback has blown my mind, and the level of detail they've put into everything, you have to go through frame by frame to catch it all.  I can't wait for the Tablo collab!

Have they changed the name of this and dropped Boss from the cast?? Im confused

Got no idea.  I only know that Boun and Prem have signed with GMMTV, who now has the rights to the show, so I don't even know if Boun and Prem will be in it.  I'm going to be ultra sad if it goes ahead as planned by Studio Wabi Sabi, and Boss isn't in it.  No doubt GMMTV TV will change the whole thing to make it 'their's', and if so, chances are pretty high that there will be cast changes.  So many really promising series slated for 2024 seem to be going down the tube, for various reasons.

I looked at who was in the cast, and other than Boss, everyone else is GMMTV. I hate that Boss won't be in it though. 

Yeah, I read that too, but funnily enough, I just saw a new trailer somewhere and it looked like Boss was in it.  It was probably a mistake though and someone re-uploaded an old trailer.  :-(