I experienced these days that people love to watch grownup animated or cartoon shows as compared to dramas and movies. 

I am also watching many cartoons online these days and let me know which is your favourite animated sitcom? Yes, most of them are Americans. In my opinion, some Korean drama should also be based on Rick and Morty of Adult Swim. Actually, I love this animated show. Most people criticise but I think its story sounds realistic.

 I found the Family Guy, The Simpsons and Rick and Morty of Adult Swim most interesting and entertaining show. Which is your favourite one?

My favorite adult cartoons are The Simpsons and The Family Guy. Both of these two shows are really nice and the most hilarious scenes i have ever watched.

(sorry for my poor English)

American Dad is my absolute fav. The earlier seasons of South Park and the Simpsons are classics but what they are both putting out now- trash imho.