I like the character photos in Another Oh Hae Young but I find the cover poster kind off not really fitting. One can easily get a wrong picture of this drama. As another (XD) bubbly rom-com with adults that act like elementery school kids and with a little fantasy to make it funnier. BUT as much acomedy it has, this drama is perfect balance between mystery, romance, comedy and life genre. Aand! And the male lead isn't as 'happy' as he looks at the poster. He is sad most of the time and that is also very understandable considering the life he had and has (the biggest problem is his 'Mother', i don't even want to call her that >:( )

I agree 
I watched the trailer (in this site anyway) and i found it really misleading too (w/ the same reason as you)
Definitely misleading, that's why I put off watching it and am slowly catching up now.
I agree. I've just started off with this series, but I can totally sense the mood of the entire show and the characters. Definitely not the same as in the poster.
sooo true the poster is very misleading
when i started the series i felt a little betrayed by the misleading poster

Well the poster is bad but the drama is amazing is one type, its the other type that hurts us becoz we go in to the drama with high exectations but get served with @#$%. Its good that Another Miss Oh is the former type.
I agree!

One may think that it's just a ROM-COM,

but no, this drama is full of pain and wounds.

Before starting this drama and just looking at the cover alone (because I don't read the descriptions), I thought this was gonna be about some blind date or dating app thing.