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I see you there, chingu! ( °ㅂ°)


•    10.0 : perfect for me, with or without my bias
     9.5 – 9.0 : near perfect and addicting, lacks 2% of something (bad pilot/ending, not my bias etc.)
     8.5 – 8.0 : nothing new but remarkably fun to watch
     7.5 – 7.0 : not good not bad, nothing stands out but smooth enough
                      or, really good in some part and really bad in some part
     6.5 – 5.0 : incredibly cliché or childish, but has considerably "good" cast or production
     4.5 – 1.0 : hahahahah nope, just nope, I wonder how I finished them
0.0 : don't remember or is a special episode 

•    I change my ratings almost on a daily basis
     I change my ratings and words on my reviews a lot too

•    I write reviews here

•    I really favor beautiful sets and cinematography
     I love beautiful trash so they get higher scores

•    I'm not into vampire, zombie and horror

•    I studied/work in the fields of film, design and psychology
     so if you see me talking bullshit in those topics in depth,
     now you know why... just let me be...

•    I'm Korean, I speak Korean and English, more or less :p
     I'm just saying, I'm not boasting – why would I even do that?
     so please don't put your guards up against me for that
     It's the last thing I want to "claim" here but
     I just need credibility when I translate stuff





•   Chicago Typewriter: Did You Know?   Under Construction 

•   Chicago Typewriter: OST Lyrics & Meaning

•   Six Flying Dragons: Interpretation of Ddang Sae's "Green Mountain Song" 청산별곡

•   Beautiful Traditional Korean Music: Love, Lies OSTs

•   Another Miss Oh: The Punny Name(s) of Another Miss Oh



•    Fangirling: Shin Se Kyung

•    2017 Watch Challenge





Psst! I change my ratings often so you can't really trust the timeline of this list update 


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