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List some of your Favorite Thai Drama. If it is not too much trouble list the genre and why you liked it?
I have seen a couple, here's my list;

Sapai Jao 2015 - drama, romance, period
Padiwarada - drama, action, romance
Samee 2013 - drama, romance, family
Ugly Duckling Series - comedy, teen, romance
Prissana - romance, drama, period
Sao Chai Hi Tech - comedy, romance
Neung Nai Suang 2005 - romance, drama, period
Sawan Biang - drama, slap/kiss, romance
Leh Ratree 2002 & 2015 - drama, slap/kiss, romance, comedy
Roy Leh Sanae Rai 2002 - drama, slap/kiss, romance 
Sood Sanae Ha - romance, comedy, food
Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series - drama, romance, action, comedy, period
Full House - romance, comedy

There's probably more lol!!
Kiss Me: romance, comedy. Itazura na Kiss remake. Same leads as Full House, great chemistry. 
Full House: romance, comedy. Few plotholes. Great chemistry between leads. Some gorgeous settings. 
Ugly Duckling Series: teen, romance. Individual stories were cute and each installment is 9 eps or less

I haven't seen very many Thai dramas yet so I'll be lurking for ideas as well! =]
Hi Kat! I could give offer some recommendations depending on your preferred genre ^_^
Romance is definitely my preferred [slap/kiss included; they're my favorite] but I'm open to anything as long as the storyline holds my attention. Biggest issue for me is finding somewhere to watch with English subs. =]
@Kat Yup, that can be quite a problem, below are some legit sites XDD

GMMTV has a YT account and they sub some of their series
Jasmin Lakorns blog gives updates on where Lakorn viewer can either download or stream watch most Eng subbed Lakorns and completed shows are also grouped according the genres. So you can just scroll through each trope^^
And there's always Viki XDD

I highly recommend - Sapai Jao 2015, it's pretty straightforward, hilarious and romance of course (Viki)
- Padiwarada - action, romance and drama (Also on Viki, but the last 2 eps are still being subbed)
- Sawan Biang - heavy slap/kiss (Jasmin Lakorn)
- Leh Ratree 2015 - It's a remake of the 2005 or version. It's pretty interesting - mild slap/kiss, romance and comedy (Viki and Jasmin Lakorn)
Sapai Jao is one of the ones on my Viki list that I just haven't gotten around to yet. I hear a lot of good things about Leh Ratree too. I'll have to bump both of those up on my PTW list. Thanks for the sites too!
Yup you definitely should watch them :D
Leh Ratree
Sud Sai Pan
Ugly Duckling Series- Perfect Match
Full Houses
I can recommend many:

Thara Himalai (2010) Fantasy / Prince & Princess
Raeng Ngao (2012) Drama / Tragedy
Wai Sab Saraek Kad (2016) Family
Ton Ruk Rim Rua (2013) Romantic Comedy
Ab Ruk Online (2015) Romantic Comedy

All below are in Romance genre:

Khun Chai Pawornruj (2013)
Khun Chai Puttipat (2013)
Khun Chai Rachanon (2013)
Lom Sorn Ruk (2015)
Neung Nai Suang (2015)
Padiwaradda (2016)
Punya Chon kon Krua
Raeng Pradtanah
Khun Samee Karmalor tee Rak

all can be watch in viki
here's a list of some of my favorite Thai-dramas maybe you might like some of them too ♥
@Ladymay your list is pretty 'short' lol!!!
@AdeNike haha xD ♥ 
- Oum Ruk (2006) : marriage convenience 
- Thara Himalai (2010)
- Tard Rak (2011) : historical romance
- Khun Samee Karmalor Tee Rak (2012) : beta male - alpha female? And her family is one of the few nicest family on lakorn
- Khun Chai Puttipat (2013)
- Mafia Luerd Mungkorn: Suer (2015)