Hi all

I am looking for a particular character with Schizophrenia.I know this is a mental illness,but i need something not very serious one.It should be interesting to watch and create comedy.

In addition, he/she is highly imaginative and gets affected and highly involved in stories, songs and poems.

He/She is highly sensitive to all kinds of stories and gets personally involved in them. She gets upset even if just a character from a movie suffers.

Here I am giving one movie i know..

In the plot there is a scene in which she goes all the way to an actor's house and appeals to him in anger because in a movie he has acted in, he divorces his wife. The actor sees her problem immediately and tells her that that was a movie. He calls his wife and presents her before Kannamma, telling her that this is his real wife, and he is living happily with her.She is pacified.

Hi Sato,
I'm not sure if your looking for a specific film / drama, but the only projects that I can remember with schizophrenic characters are It's Okay That's Love, I'm a Cyborg But That's Okay, and Shoot My Heart. I'm not sure if they protray the characteristics you're looking for though. Hope this helps :)