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Okay it seems not a lot of k dramas have what I am looking for in this moment or maybe I just watch them all but I really think they are some hidden gems out there but I have asked about kdramas and not so many replies or I have already watched them so now I ask for CHINESE OR TAIWANESE recommendations.  

[B]•one side love (starts like this girl loves him he doesn't but than he falls for her, and I prefer if she start loving him first)   

[B]•rich girl poor guy (I ask for this because it seem that the one that is rich has the time to be following the other around hahah and because that is one of the main reasons he doesn't accept the girl because he is poor and she is rich) 

[B]•secondary couples (if is the main couple I don't mind but for me it seem I can enjoy the secondary couples more because they arent in my face for the whole hour bother me with unnecessary drama) 

[B]•younger couples (30 and under at least that they don't look like moms and uncles hahah) 

I think I enjoy this type of romance because 

•they don't date right away 

•it excites me when finally he finds out he starts to love her. The shock! 

•slow burn love. 

•the guys usually go from ignoring the girls to being so adorable and romantic. Perfect boyfriends. 

•usually this couple are so adorable together. 

Please give recommendations! 


Or Korean dramas

autumn's concerto , and loving never forgetting that for the Taiwanese / Chinese , both fits most of the points you mentioned ..

The only one i can think of is:
- ode to joy - has one of the main cast have that romance part. But this drama is centered among friendship and womens life than romance

But some korean drama totally has those plots. I dont know if you are up for it
1. Ugly Alert - there is about 2 secondary couples in this drama. But this is mpre family drama with all you scenarion mided in as well.
2. What Planet are you from - almost has what ypu are looking for except there are no secondary couples.
3. Lovers in prague - thought the characters are way pver 30's. But thisnisnone of the not so buzzed about korean dramas, but totally worth it. Since the girl totally fell and stalked the guy, until he found her obvious stalking adorable.
@czakhareina thank you :) 

-The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop : one of the secondary couples meets all your criterias ! This is a family drama, so 54 episodes. 

-Strongest Deliveryman : again, the secondary couple.

-My Amazing Boyfriend : Chinese drama, the main couple. 

-Madame Antoine : the secondary couple, but the girl isn't rich and the guy is kinda shy. 

Hope you'll find something you like !