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Hello, Chingu !

I'm pretty new on MDL but not in the drama universe, I watch drama for years in between other shows. I just love the asian touch, they have another vision and way of telling a story, and I love diversity. The more different, the better !

It is sooo wonderful to discover other cultures, other languages that easily, personally, it is what I find the more amazing :) The world is so big and I can't spend all my live travelling, but dramaworld is here to make me travel and I couldn't be more thankful to all the volonteers wo segmentize and translate : THANK YOU SO MUCH !

I love every kind of drama, horror, thriller, rom-com, family, mystery, and all nationalities, even if I watch more Korean Dramas. But honestly, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese or Indonesian, I watch everything which attracts me.

But I have some criterias.

I generally DON'T like the second male lead. Asian shows have a way to make them perfect BUT obsessive, overly sweet BUT can't get no for an answer, and they lack the little things that I personally love in the characters. The funny unique flaws that make them so lovable, and I'm a little too old for still loving  Charming Prince and cie. I prefer the second female leads, because they are MEAN, they are JEALOUS, they are ANGRY, they are insecure and scared, they are believable. They know what they want and they fight for it, they make true mistakes and people hate them for it, maybe because they see a little bit of themselves in them and they don't like it. Personally, I can feel their pain and anger, and that's why I'm rooting for them.

My little favorites are Soo-ah from Sassy Gogo, Yi-riung from Master's sun and Se-Mi from My love From the Stars, Seo-Woo from Doctors, Rachel from Heirs and there are so many others... they all ruin the drama for me because I'm on their side from beginning to end, and I just want them to win... but nope. 

I also ship way more the secondary couples than the actual main lead... I can't take thousands of lovey-dovey cliche for 16 hours straight, really, it's not good for my health. I get it, they are sooo in love and everybody wants them, yeah, yeah, I get it - in these moments, you can call me the Skipping Queen. And sadly, I also ship some couples that NEVER happen in the end... ah, story of my life. I'm in denial, in my head, they happen anyway - Rachel and Young Do from Heirs, right now ? Oh, but they are married for years now, don't tell me you didn't know ??

So here to the secondary couples in Descendants of the Sun, School 2017, Hana Yori Dango/BOF, Strongest Delivery Man, and others, and on and on...I loved you all ! I watched dozens of drama just for you. 

There are some incredible dramas that made me love the main couple as much as I love the secondary ones ; Couple or Trouble ; Birth of a Beauty ; Another oh Hae young ; Fantastic ; Madame Antoine ; Oh my Ghostess ; Full house, the original ; Tomorrow with You ; My love From the Stars ; My Amazing Boyfriend ; Fight for my Way ; Missing Nine.  I rewatch them all the time.

I really need dramas that have many, many, many couples so I can ship them all  without getting tired in the 4rth episode. Writers, can't you give me more Age of Youth and Love Cuisine, pleeeease ?? I know you can do it ! Show me wonderful characters that can be awesome without being bullied and chased after during a whole season. Powerful funny girls and lovable modern boys. Make me ship them ! And Sismance as sweet as Bromance ! 

I'm all for it :)

Of course, I also love villains, because hey, without them, there is no story ! I love ridiculous characters that are only here for comedic release - if you give me a drama where they are the main lead, I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna fangirl.  So basically, I am really not weak for looks, but for characters, the funny and memorable ones, the petty and spoiled ones, the girls and boys that take no prisoners. A pretty face don't make it for me, they are everywhere. 

If you can recommend me some drama like that, pretty pleaaaase do it !

For the actors and actresses, I of course got my favorites too -Han Ye Seul, Lee Joon, Kim Jim Won,  Rain, Yoo In Na, Joo Sang-Wook, Krystal, etc.- but even if some don't convince me like Park Shin Hye or Ji Chang-Wook, it's only a matter of preferences. Their jobs are pretty difficult, they are over exposed and over criticized, I don't know how they bear it. 

If you take a look at my watchlist, just know that my ratings are not professional at all. I rarely rate badly a drama, because I consider that even if I didn't like it, it doesn't mean it's bad. And well, I just don't like rating 3 or 4 a drama, if I finished it, it means it was pretty good, regardless, and if I drop it, I don't know the ending, so I find it pretty useless to give it any sort of rating.  So my ratings are pretty much between 6 and 10, it's mostly for me to remember how much I enjoyed it and if rewatching it garantees me a good time. 

Anyway ! Fighting, always ;) 


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