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Hey guys 

I'd like to ask for some recommendations on this theme 

I just watched my paparotti and i died and reborn after that movie with the perfect balance of the charas worrying about each other and the teach trying to tell the student to stop living the gang life. 

id like to hear some recs on 

-teacher supports the students (im not really thinking like gokusen more like just,,, the teachers aren't assholes and trying to help the students.)

-supporting parents (like idk how many u watched solomon's perjury but girl main chara has good parents, and hasn't hit her even once and supported her) 

- shit parents but the kids overcoming them or just?? UHM kdrama and found family trope yes pls? 

- it doesn't have to be school stuff tho im mostly interested in strong relationships which isn't romantic so yeah friendship please? 

- it doesn't have to be school drama (idk there's another like these anyway), crime/investigation dramas are my fav but feel free to show me something new but I wish for no romance (or not in the centre only hints), no comedy, I need the tears the drama and hurt feelings, family drama but you know the deep kind 

- uhh main chara has a dark past and keeps it a secret and slowly comes out (give me the support they deserve) 


School 2013 was great on the friendship aspect and the teacher student stuff was great 

Solomon perjury was awesome that the adults were there to support the kids while doing their trial 

And both had that kind of drama i love 

thanks anyone who answers? i just wanted to ask more instead of giving only one place to start 

Sakurai Sensei is a good example I think and other Sensei Japanese dramas
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Things that I can think of that are kind of in the mentor/student area or have that feeling:

Art of Fighting, Like a Virgin, and Punch are all movies with a similar theme, now that I'm looking through my list, haha.  Struggling kid takes up a sport and finds a mentor.

What's Up is a professor teaching a bunch of first year musical theater majors.  There is a bit of mostly one-sided romance.

Kasuka na Kanojo has a teacher who learns from a ghost (yeah, really) to be a better teacher and he helps his students in a variety of ways.  There is some comedy, but not a lot, really.  Mostly in the form of occasional ghost mischief :)  So I guess you kind of get two mentor-student themes in one - ghost inspires teacher, teacher helps out kids.

Awl is a little less traditional, but I think it makes sense here too: a lawyer takes a store manager under his wing and helps him lead a labor union.  Sounds totally boring but was a really good drama.  (Also if you liked Ahn Nae Sang (the lead girl's dad) in Solomon's Perjury, he's the mentor/lawyer in this one too, haha.)
Tonbi: For an incredible Father/Son relationship journey. 
WAAAAAAAAA thank you so much guys
Misaeng - one of the best work place, boss-subordinate dramas ever. Noooo romance and just a Super super super awesome drama. I need season 2.

other to check out are:
gokusen - all of the 3 seasons. I think this drama is most like My paparotti. Deliquent student, very strong teacher who wants the best for their students
Golden Time - its mainly a medical drama but super great mentorship plot
Romantic doctor teacher kim - it has romance, but the main mentor was just one of the best mentor in dramas ever
awl - not really a mentor - subordinate dynamic but pretty interesting office relationship. Also no romance
god of study - this one has a little weird teacher-student plot. But i like how they challenged the high school to study for college entrance exams. Also loved that some of my faves are here: Go ahsung, Bae doona, Yoo seungho and Lee Hyunwo. Very little romance, which i am super sad about, wanted GAS-YSH romance

Love Song: the female lead is quiet and introverted because she has speech disorder, and the male lead is the one who pushes her to change and open herself (while changing himself because of meeting her); she has a crush on him but that's it, their relationship is non-romantic.

(Bonus: both leads are singer/musicians in real life, so the musical performance was great, and the songs are catchy)
Aogeba Toutoshi
Bitter Blood