Just saw a webseries "The Secret Message".    Really loved the setting where the guy is from Korea and girl from Japan,and how love starts.

Plz recommend dramas/movies where the Leads are from different countries/language.

Virgin Snow - movie, she's Japanese and he's Korean

The Lover - drama, one of the four couples involves one Korean guy and one Japanese guy (both speak Korean + the Japanese guy speaks and teaches some Japanese)

Seducing Mr. Perfect - movie, the leads are both Korean, but the male lead, being an overseas korean, speaks English and the female lead speaks Korean

Tamra, the Island - historical drama, the female lead is Korean from Jeju island and she meets a shipwrecked British guy who speaks only English, at least at the beginning (he's the second male lead, not the first, but the linguistic and cultural exchange is quite interesting and funny :D)

linda linda linda - leads are 4 highschool girl - bae doona, shiori sekine (bassist of base ball bear band), and 2 other jp girls (which i dont really remember)

beauty inside - although just one of the many who play the lead role woo jin, ueno juri got quite some screentime in this movie

the wailing - the 'shaman' role (i think) was played by jp actor

my korean teacher - nozomi sasaki and some korean dude

tsumugu mono - kim kkotbi play a lead role in this movie

Oh Lucy! - japanese middle aged office worker and american language teacher

Gasohug - she is from Thailand, and he is from some thai minority. Technically they are from the same country, but it's complicated (and he doesn't have a thai citizenship)