I like a dramas with twists in the plot . unexpected events happen. I mean I like dramas which

makes me on the edge of my seat .. I  only watch Korean dramas and some Japanese  

Have look on my list before recommending 


check my list 


i particularly recommend Stranger and 100-manen no onna-tachi. The latter can feel really slow but believe just bear until things start to unfold

Kazoku Game- It's my all time fav drama with a great story and very well acted

The Quiz Show- I think more people have watched the 2nd one but the first one, to me at least, is better with a nice twist at the end

I just checked your list.
You seem to enjoy especially the investigation and mystery genre
and thats how i noticed you were missing one crucial drama!


It is the BEST drama i have ever seen when it comes to the investigation/mystery genre. I highly highly highly recommend it to you. You will love it
It is a bit similar to the drama "Tunnel", which i noticed you saw, but much much much better

Seriously what it. 

I will check it out

  • +1 Signal
  • N no tame ni
  • +1  Kazoku Game 
  • It's okay that's love
  • Healer
  • Kill me Heal me
  • Pride (jdrama 2004)
  • The Greatest Love

✔️ Hello Monster 

✔️ Pinocchio

✔️ Smile Has Left Your Eyes 

✔️ What's Wrong with Secretary Kim 

✔️ Tunnel

✔️ While You Were Sleeping 

✔️ Memories of Murder 

✔️ Phantom 

✔️ Memoirs of a Murderer 

✔️ Scholar Who Walks the Night 

✔️ Life On Mars