I would like some recommendations about the hardship of unemployed ppl, their way of success, how their endure it, what they face something like this. I think there is Feel good to Die is currently airing something similar.... These days I am so depressed I would like to see a ray of light in dramas...

  • Fight For My Way | Highly recommend this one! It first right in with what you're looking for. There's comedy, romance and a slice of life mixed in with perfect balance. This is the story about four friends who, after they grow up, realize they didn't accomplish their dreams. But they show us that it's never too late to try!
  • Because This is My First Life | I think this one fits right in. You have three main female characters, each with their own struggles and their own love story. They all face problems when it comes to work but still find a way to succeed and be happy.
  • Cunning Single Lady | this one is a lot lighter and it starts a bit rocky. The first few episodes may need some muscling through, but the story gets better and better if you stick with it. The FL especially gets a lot of growth, as she finds a job that she's not only good at, but which she enjoys.
  • Devilish Joy | this one is also lighter and the work trouble is from the FL's side. A once famous idol who has to fight and struggle to find her place again after she's falsely accused of murder.
  • Suspicious Partner | FL also struggles to find a job after being accused of murder. This one has a criminal aspect to it, but it still gets a lot of comedy and feel good moments.
  • Terius Behind Me | FL has to jump back into the working force after losing her husband in order to care for her two young twins. Like feel good to die, this one is a parody with moments of caring mixed in with great success.
  • Misaeng (korean / Hope (japanese) 
  • My Story of You
  • Super Rookie
  • Radiant Office
  • Door to Door 

Wooow great, thank you

I just found Cunning Single Lady

The First Half of My Life (not to be confused with Because This Is My First Life...)