Please recommend me historical time travelling romances. I’m sucker for this trope. 

I’ve binged and loved :

1. Princess at large

2. Unique lady.

3. Scarlet Heart.

4. Go Princess Go

5. Oh my Emperor!

6. I’m a pet at Dali temple.

7. Cinderella Chef

8. My disciple died yet again

9. Scarlet Heart Ryeo

10. Jade Palace  Lockheart Seasons 1 and 2

11. Faith

12. The Eternal Love Seasons 1 and 2

13. The Journey

14. Naughty Princess 

15. My only love song

16. Ashi-girl 

Preferably a sassy modern FL traveling to the ancient times and not in the future or recent past. Like not 20-30 in the past, but another few hundred years back and it’s the drama’s main plot. I’ve been mainly into Chinese ones, but please recommend me any other country’s or language and please link me to a free drama streaming site. Thank you guys for your help. 

I was going to recommend Scarlet Heart, but you've already seen it.

I can't think of any other Asian dramas to recommend, but if you're interested in Czech TV, then I have two recommendations for you.  Both are good, but they might be hard to find.  I'm not sure if they're available on streaming sites.

Arabela (1979) is about two princesses who travel from a fantasy world to the real world.

The Visitors (1983) is about a group of 4 scientists from the 25th century, who travel back in time to the 20th century.  One of them is a woman in her 20s, but she's not a princess.

  • Splish Splash Love 
  • Queen In Hyun's Man 
  • Rooftop Prince 
  • Deserving of the Name 
  • Love Shuttle Millennium
  • Legend of the Blue Sea 

If you can give up the time traveling part but still has the same style/feel, I can think of a few. Probably has time traveling transmigration in the source material though...

@Naiwen and @Baqa I love your lists! Perhaps you would also like:

Mengfei Comes Across (2018) - sassy female lead dislikes being the emperor's concubine

Man comes to Tang Dynasty (2013) - male lead is some kind of loser in modern times, but becomes hero in ancient period