I love it when the ML is intensely jealous, even obsessively and possessively with his love rivals over the FL. I’ve loved : 1. My Disciple died once again. 2. The Journey. 3. All “Meteor Garden” versions. 4. Boss and me. 5. Scarlet Heart. 6. Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

I love it especially when the ML is awkward like Yu Yan and doesn’t know what “being in love” means. And when the ML has never loved another female besides the FL. No SFL and many other male leads around the FL, making the jealousy scenes even more juicy to watch, some physical fights over her too. ML doesn’t know how to express his feelings towards her and thence does little sweet things to make it known to her. FL is completely oblivious and dense about it or doubting it, making it more difficult for him. For example, I loved how Ya Long calls Xiao Ying “my woman” but she doesn’t reciprocate and rejects him constantly. And I also loved Yu Yan’s caring, sweetness, devotion to Zhu Yao and is willing to do anything to please her. In short, what I want : a sweet and devoted but jealous ML, pining for her and doesn’t know what love is. It’s also his first time in his long life falling for a female.


Right now I'm watching Love in Sadness, and the FL's Husband is pretty possessive/jealous, so intense to the point where it might actually be too intense and uncomfortable :/

Where did you Watch my disciple died once again ?? thank u in Advance


Where did you Watch my disciple died once again ?? thank u in Advance


Story of Yanxi Palace! (you'll have to be a little patient, the emperor is unaware of his feelings but gets rid of the man she loves)

Seige in Fog

Legend of Yun Xi

Yellow Boots

High end Crush

Princess Weiyoung

Empress Ki

Sweet Male Lead:

  • Duang Jai Akkanee (Thai) - The ml was aggressive at first mainly due to their family rivalries but after the leads accept their love for one another, they have such sweet and romantic scenes. As for jealousy scenes, the ml is possessive over the fl and doesn't like it when another male gets too close. 
  • Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Thai) - I just had to include this one in here. The fl, an archaeologist travels back in time and is stuck in another person's body. She discovers that her body was a spiteful and villainous person and was also engaged to the ml (who despises her). The ml doesn't hate her for too long and soon her bright and cheerful personality causes him to fall in love with her. Because it's a historical drama, you can expect the alpha male tendencies to be very present. But don't worry, the ml is very caring and sweet towards the fl and doesn't display jerk behavior. 
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Korean) - I loved this one. The fl is on the weightlifting team in college and the ml is on the swimming team. I love how the ml wasn't insecure about how the fl was stronger than him and actually embraced her strengths and weaknesses (physical and mental). The exchange banter and it's quite cute how the ml gets jealous over the fl and how he realizes his feelings about her. 

Aggressive Male Lead:

  • Tra Barb See Chompoo (Thai) - The ml is a complete jerk. In fact, this might be a deal breaker for anyone wanting to watch this, so be warned. Go into this drama knowing how much jerkiness you can handle.  He has a sensitive sweet side that I wish the director gave more screen time. He also gets jealous very easily but confuses it for hate for the fl. *It takes him a while to realize his feelings for the fl* but once he did, my heart literally melted. P.S this is a revenge story. 
  • Devil Beside You (Taiwan) - Another trigger warning: Step-Sibling romance. I felt a little weird about watching when I first started, but I quickly realized the romance was so good that it made me forget about the step-sibling issue. The ml isn't as aggressive as the mls in the other two dramas I mentioned. His aggressiveness is more on the swoon-worthy spectrum. Highly recommend. *Side note, the early 2000s nostalgia hits you hard. I kinda dig the long hair and baggy pants. 
  • Too Late to Say I Love You (Chinese) - The ml was so aggressive and the drama was so dark that I kinda had to drop it and watch a light-hearted drama for a while before continuing. There are a lot of dark themes that are hit on and this drama might not be for a lot of people. The story is intense and the chemistry between the leads sends explosions across the screen. Definitely watch it if you can handle dark plots.