Hello Friends

I have been watching a lot of dramas. One thing which frustrates me the most is Female Lead forgiving Male Lead easily. I just want to watch a drama where Female Lead doesn't forgive Male Lead who takes her for granted. Even if she forgives him after his repentance she should not go back to him. It is really sad to see how in most of the dramas Male Leads don't care about Female Leads, take them for granted and treat them badly. But still Female Leads forgive them. Female Lead should have self respect. And in case of Cheating on her she should never ever go back to him. 

If you have recommendations related to the story which I mentioned, suggest me. :-)

  • To be a Better Man - The ML didnt cheat on her but he kinda disappeared. In his mind it was to protect her, whhich was one huge Jerk-move . The ex-couple never got back together. Though in this case the FL was actually still trying to forgive the ML, but the ML knew that she deserved better than a jerk/[email protected]@rd like him
  • What happened in Bali - ML was a playboy, and was a jerk with FL when he kinda made her his mistress. The FL ends up going with SML, when the ML was busy deciding his life and issues. The FL did want to go back to the ML if not for thw tragic end. So the FL did have some self-respect for a fraction of time, then was stupid again at the end. 

Thank you Friends for the recommendations.