I need help cleaning up my "Currently Watching" and "Plan to Watch" lists....Please look and tell me which dramas/movies I SHOULDNT bother with! 

I would also love recommendations for MUST WATCH as well! 

I don't like dramas that are long and drawn out. 

I'm a sucker for romance, preferably with happy endings. 

I'm not a huge fan of melodramas unless they are 10/10 material.

I can't do scary because i'm a wuss. 

I hate overdone misunderstandings.

I like strong female leads, if they are too passive and let people walk all over them it just makes me mad. 

Please heeeelpp!

from the plan to watch that u shouldn't bother is:  master devil do not kiss me

from the plan to watch that u really should try to watch is : orange ( it's beautiful) bromance ( the otp is LIFE)  because this is my first life ( it's deep and amazing), d-day ( it's like a drug.. you can't stop) , eternal love ( my favorite cdrama... the second part of the drama is the best ) ,shopping king louie ( very fuffly and romantic)  and splash splash love ( A-M-A-Z-I-N-G).

Skip these:

My Amazing Boyfriend- The FL is adorable and it can be pretty funny but it dragged like a bitch and had a terrible inconclusive ending. They changed all of the actors for the second season which really put me off, I wouldn't recommend jumping into it. 

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me- The male lead's a douche. Another case too where they changed the actors in the third season.

Princess Weiyoung- Scheming. So much scheming. Scheming to the point of it getting ridiculous. Also the one of the leads ends up unconscious every single episode. I swear my blood pressure has never been higher than when I was watching this show. 

The Black Devil and the White Prince- Just bad. The acting, the story, everything was terribly cringey imo.

Here are my absolute must-watches. 

The Story of Ming Lan- This is a realistic chinese historical drama set during the Song Dynasty. There are a lot of names, and ancient chinese sayings which can be a little confusing at first but it's totally worth it. This is the only drama I've ever rated 10/10.  All of the actors are seasoned and it was made by one of the best production companies in China. It's definitely slow burn and there's not really any action but the dialogue is so incredible that even after 73 episodes I still wanted more. The female lead is so strong and intelligent without being obnoxious. The ending is extremely satisfying so I definitely recommend this.

A Love So Beautiful- It's the best school drama I've ever seen. Also it's on Netflix which is a plus. 

Eternal Love- This is the most beloved c drama and for good reason. It's fantastic. 

Goodbye My Princess- To preface, this is a tragedy. But it's such a beautiful journey with the most enchanting visuals and OST I've seen/heard in a drama. The ending had to be what it was and it would have felt wrong otherwise. I hate bad endings too, but this one was worth watching. 

For a must watch? Nirvana in Fire. ASAP -it's rated 9.1 for a reason. It is long, but not drawn-out. Not a second of time is wasted in this show (even if you think so in the beginning). Romance is there, it's minimal but as above, every second they spend together is meaningful + Mu Ni Huang is a strong female lead. 

For slightly less must-watch, but you should still prioritize it:

Bromance (only if you like cheese. This show is extremely cheesy, but also cute and well-made)

I'd say Cruel City is overrated and you shouldn't watch it, but majority of MDL seems to think otherwise so decide for yourself

Emergency Couple-a lot of people like this show though but not only did I suffer fr second lead syndrome, but the couple had a toxic relationship, the ML character was just sexist and just verbally cruel  to  the female lead. "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" is how I would describe this show.

Based on your stipulations above, You should not bother:

  • Butterfly sleep 
  • My husband Oh jakdoo -
  • Bubble Gum
  • D-Day  
  • Jealousy Incarnate - a 
  • lucky romance 
  • one more time
  • Herlin disqualified 
  • Princess weiyoung
  • the secret message
  • emergency couple
  • Are You Ready? Hey You Girl!
  • The Black Devil and the White Prince
  • Black 
  • High school king of savvy
  • Masterdevil do not kiss me
  • Black butler
  • Umareru

You'd most likely enjoy:

  • Another oh haeyoung
  • Touch you heart
  • Go back couple
  • One spring night
  • One week friends
  • Eternal love
  • Marriage contract
  • My lucky star
  • scent of a woman
  • Shup ut flower boy band
  • Splash splash love
  • a werewolf boy
  • Boss and me
  • My little bride
  • Beacuse its my first life

Based on you ratings and the elements/points you prefer, these dramas would most likely be in your not to watch list but i still suggest and highly recommend to try and watch cause they are some of the masterpieces dramas. Or MUST WATCH DRAMAS:

  • Cruel city - tragic or open ended ending. Very ehavy thriller drama
  • Incomplete Life - no romance and feels like a melodrama but one satisfying drama ever
  • My golden life - very long family drama. Not totally melo yet not comedy. Very awesome character development of FL 
  • Nirvana in fire - no romance, more like an over achieveing and brilliant character journey and plot narrative is very awesome. Best drama ever!!!!
  • Nine Times travel - tragic or open ended ending. 
  • Signal - open ended yet so satisfying character developement and plot narrative
  • arthal chronicles - open ended, need to wait for season 3 in afew months
  • Chugakusei Nikki - super melodrama and taboo plot, but really interesting overall
  • Maou - thriller and tragic end. 


Atashinchi no Danshi


High School King of Savvy (- im saying this as a major Seo In Guk fan. just drop this.)

Thumping Spike (drop it or have low expecations)

No Breathing and Heroine Disqualified are not a "must drop" but they were both a bit disappointing when i watched it (for different reasons)

I think you should avoid makjang/melodrama because you may find them upsetting (they’re either a hit or a miss for viewers) and probably try the female centric dramas for a strong FL.  I second Signal because of the tough lady cop heroine. 

If you don’t mind watching something longer (50-60 eps) I’d go for Eternal Love and Dae Jang Gum/A Jewel in the Palace :)

You guys are awesome! Thanks so much! Any more recommendations are appreciated, I've cleaned out some more and added some to my priority list. ^_^