So I've been away from the drama scene for about 9  months and I was wondering if there's been any really good dramas that I've missed?

Preferably K-drama or J- drama.

My favourite genres are psychological, family, friendship, high school, college and romantic comedy. But I'm willing to consider other genres (except historical and illness/death).


Some recent dramas you should watch :

Kill It- action, thriller drama with great cast and OST

Touch Your Heart- romantic comedy with couple reunion Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook (from Goblin)

Her Private Life- romantic comedy with great Park Min Young 

similarly to you i have also been away so I am anticipating what will others recommend :)

I recommend SKY Castle it has almost all your preferred genres and it created a lot of buzz when it was airing. It'S from JTBC so it had usual cable TV viewership ratings when it started airing (around 2.0%) but then it became one of most watched cable dramas in the history (nearly passed 25%)

I am also currently watching WWW: Search and it is really enjoyable adult romance + sismance + office story

Tomorrow starts airing IU's newest drama Hotel Del Luna and it looks pretty interesting - i'm anticipating this drama a lot.

Thanks so much for the recommendations:)

@Kdramalover203 - I've put 'Kill It' and 'Touch your Heart' on  my PTW list. They both look promising.

@Salty_bae - I've put SKY Castle on my PTW list.  I think I'll start with this one (from the trailer it looks right up my street). 

Also, if anyone has any recent J-dramas to recommend, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

Some new-ish Jdramas that I liked and you haven't watched (based on your drama list):

voice 2 nd 3 <3

@kura2ninja and @SamoGD - thanks for the recommendations. These are all ones I've never heard of.

Iari:Mienai Kao especially caught my eye.

Hopefully with all these good recommendations I can get back into watching my dramas again:)

zeamays Volunteer Staff

Beautiful World had its flaws, but overall was still quite good and hits a lot of your criteria: family, friendship, and school.  But it's a melodrama, so maybe it's not quite what you're looking for

@zeamays - this is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks:)