Looking for drama where the ML/FL are "siblings" and has a romance. 

Stuff I've seen that comes to mind:

Love Better Than Immortality 

That Winter, The Wind Blows

My Father is Strange

thanks :) 

You might like the movie March Comes In Like a Lion (1991).  A girl tells her brother (who has amnesia) that she's his girlfriend.

  • Autumn in My Heart - and all its versions 
  • Hwarang
  • My Girl - fake cousins
  • golden Pouch - ML gets amnesia when due to an accident, and he forgets his GF who have broken up with him, the FL feels responsible , andd her adoptive parents also does, and they kinda take him in as the olderst son.
  • Not fake, more of step siblings
    • Devil Beside You
    • Tree of Heaven
    • Triple
    • marmalade Boy
    • Yours fatefully
    • Strawberry in a shortcake
    • The Rose
    • Step Sibling, but with parent who has long been separated from the MC and ends up being the parent of the other MC, either by adoption or new spouse's children... or in an instance where the original child gets lost, and the parent adopts another one:
      • Love in Heaven
      • Stained Glass
      • A Thousand Kisses
      • A thousand years inheritance
      • My Healing Love
      • Stained Glass
      • Kings daughter soo baekhyang
      • hateful but once again
      • Wonderful mama

Pinocchio - Uncle/Niece romance

La ong dao- adopted sibling, grew up separately

Spoiler about female lead, family drama:
Sweet Enemy

My Golden life

Hotel King

Young Blood Agency - “adopted“ son.

Bubblegum adopted daughter

Pink sin thai drama ...must watch

go ahead!!! you guys must watch its a story begging with a two fake brother who falls in love with their sister

Devil Beside You - Taiwan


I just started it and don't know if they will be thing, but I like how ML reacts on his sexy step sister and I came to recommendation forum for searching something like this. if this goes the way it started develop, really great, exactly what I wanted.

please recommend if you know something with plot like this:

ML has/starts secret crush on his step sister (or someone related like this) who is very sexy (and he sees it, not only "her beautiful soul"_ who loves another man and treats him like brother (in the beginning) though she has something flirty (or he sees it like this) anyway