Yes, I am looking for a bad boy good girl drama indeed. BUT:

1. I don't want male lead to be one of those "internally good but, does bad things cause he has to" bullshites. I want male lead to be really bad. Doesnt have to do some bad business. It is better if he is only a bully or something like that.

2. I don't want girl lead to be one of those "warrior, rebel, very brave, wonder woman" types of bulls. I want her to be dumb and innocent.

3. I want girl to fall for male lead first. And male lead to be really ignorant and careless towards her.

4. I want it to be only about them, I don't want to watch other plots or a big ass storyline I don't give a sushi about.

5. I want it to be a sad, romatic drama. I don't want no humour.

6. I want both leads to be young (15-30)

7. Not a movie, I'm looking for a drama.

8. Can be Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese or any other Asian country's drama.

I mean, find it if you can. I personally couldn't find it online. But maybe some of you watched something like that. Thanks in advance.


  • Taiyou no kisetsu
  • Todome no kiss
  • Cheap Love
  • Pride
  • Mars (taiwanese version)