I just want to hear some thoughts because I don't have many hopes left for my OTP... (Tae Kwang - Eun Bi <3)

What I really wanna know is not what couple you WANT to happen, but the one you think will actually stay together in the end!

I feel sad when I think about Tae Kwang ending up alone but, unfortunately, that's where I see the drama heading!

I don't really know, what's going to happen. I see a little chance after watching episode 14, but I'm afraid she's going to end up with Han Yi. 
I have no idea who she'll end up with, honestly. But why would they make those cute and beautiful scenes with Eun Bi and Tae Kwang, when, in the end, she'll end up with Yi Ahn..? Even with the things that happen in the latest episode (14).. Did you watch it?
The problem is just that it seems like Eun Bi likes Yi Ahn more. But doesn't he like Eun Byul anymore? Wouldn't it be reaaly sad if he would just go for Eun Bi.. and let Eun Byul go, who he's been liking for so many years?? And at first he thought it was Eun Byul he was talking to the whole time.. until he discovered it was actually Eun Bi..
So yeah, it's all really complicated.. that's why I'm really curious for the last two episodes. Maybe she won't end up with anybody. Haha that's also an option..
I really wonder though how many people ship Yi Ahn and Eun Bi..
Yi Ahn and Eunbi don't really go good together. Hopefully she'll end up with Taekwang :-)
I thought the same. It would be a pity and a pain in the ass if they made all those beautiful scenes with Eun Bi and Tae Kwang just to confuse and piss us off. Though, with that little kiss Eun Bi got, I allow myself to keep on cheering for EunKwang!!!'
Realistically speaking, I feel like she'll end up with Yi Ahn, what I still think would be absolutely weird. Because they had all those "I got into an accident for you even though you really piss me off right now" and "you tell me things Tae Kwang already told me but, I am happiest when you say it (calling her Eun Bi for the first time)" moments, but what do I know? I'm not the writer, who knows what they come up next? 
And then again, when I think about EP14 Eun Bi and Tae Kwang could really work. I just don't feel like Yi Ahn suits her really well and c'mon he has been in love with her twin for 10 years!!!??? I wish Eun Byul would confess her love, but I'm almost sure she only has platonic feelings for Yi Ahn. 
I like Yi Ahn, but I like Tae Kwang better and Eun Bi seems to feel just the other way around.
@Lovely - ''I'm almost sure she only has platonic feelings for Yi Ahn.'' I think she definitely has more than just platonic feelings, she was pushing him away because of her internal struggles .. but if you remember how she secretly listened to his swimming contest and smiled (on the bus trip).

Sadly, I have the feeling that the writers are going in the direction of Yi An and Eun Bi, and this really makes me feel bitter. I don't know how your feelings for someone could be swayed so easily - especially when you liked one for 10 years! I don't understand the thinking behind the direction the writers are going. 
Okay, let's say that MAYBE Eun Bi's support and warmth touched Yi An... but more puzzling for me is WHY Eun Bi got attached to Yi An? Because of his undying love for her twin sister (that she got a taste of when she pretended to be Eun Byul) ?? I don't understand, because she was always someone else when she was with Yi An (until just recently), while she was always herself from the beginning with Tae Kwang! They truly shared a deeper bond and were each others pillar of support... 

SO all the sings in the drama pointing towards Yi An-Eun Bi but with Tae Kwang's kiss, Eun Bi's reaction and Yi An witnessing it it really give me hope! I think its more logical Eun Bi to end up with Tae Kwang, and its really strange and disappointing to see the perspective of Yi An being the end game. 
I hope she vl end up with Tae Kwang ^_^ . But sometime i am so annoyed by Eun Bi's character where as she never appeal and appreciate True heart full love of Tae Kwang and always looking out for Yi an. But last episode gave me some hope. I'm still not satisfied with this show! If Yi an and Eun Bi end up together, this show will be in my worst drama list lol xD 
Dont you think EBi will reject TaeKwang again? I hope it's not true but seeing the EBi reaction after the cheek kiss make me think so. AFAIK Kim So Hyun is a good actress who can deliver good expression, and what I saw is more like 'surprised + angry' ones. Still hope it's not true :))
From episode2, YiA and fakeEByul are acting like friends, closed friends because YiA thinks that she's EByul and because she has amnesia. It's safer to trust someone who is supposed to be your childhood friend...But from the moment EBin regained her memory, the only person who can really help her is the only one who knows her real identity, TK. EBin doesn't want to tell YiA the truth because she doesn't want to lose their friendship, even if those moments were only "stolen". Even if she acts as her twin, she never has a friend that reliable. It's understandable but at the same time, she wants him to accept her existence because she really cares about him. I just don't see where the LOVE is in all of this!!! When did she really fall in love with him? Like TK fell in love with her, and I mean with the real her, EBin. And what about YiA, does he even know his true feelings, without a doubt?, and even so, what about his feelings for EByul? Just erased just because he prefers now her twin's temper? But for how long because EByul really rocks :)
And when EBin wanted to give the gold medal back, she wasn't supposed to see YiA and she talks with him only because he came at that moment at the swimming pool. And their talk sound like a goobye but just because YiA finally decided to give EBin a medal (not the gold one, right?) and he seems to be shocked, jealous by TK's behaviour, we're supposed to feel the LOVE. Come on writers, don't be lazy...Make it believable but I have to say, it's kind of too late...It would be like some patch-up last episodes to make the lead couple happen.
And for TK, I'm not so sure that EBin deserves him. After all of those rejections (parents, classmates, EBin) he needs someone strong enough to love him, to understand him even if he's sometimes a grenade! :) and it takes courage to love a guy who has so much scars but he's worth it, I'm sure of it! If EBin takes that leap, this couple, TK/EBin can endure, together, whatever life can throw at them. So...
I think it should be Tae Kwang, yet I don't feel completely sure.

Tae Kwang is getting a lot of screentime, he has background and character fleshed out and he is getting to know Eun Bi pretty well. But whereas that's all good, Eun Bi did reject him and doesn't seem to harbor anything beyond friendly feelings.

Yi Ahn, although having the characteristics of your usual first lead, is not really as developed character as TK. But obviously Eun Bi likes him and he seems to like her back. (I do wonder where his feelings of Eun Byul went...) I can totally see this pairing happening. Also, if it does not happen, can they really go back to Eun Byul-Yi Ahn pairing, or would YA really in the end just be friends with both of the girls? TK is easier to fit to a happy ending by fixing his family problems even if he's left single. YA, on the other hand, doesn't have much other stuff going on than swimming and the girls.
I want eun bi with tae kwang