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Some Things:

My name Lisa and I have been watching dramas since 2011 or 2012, not really sure. I am always open for questions and friend requests, also I really like analyzing characters and plots so if you are looking for that kind of person that has a strong opinion on why some characters and plots are likable and some are to detest, I am the right person for you.

My absolute bias is Choi Minho from SHINee, I have been in love since 2012 and I will be forever.

My favorite actor is Jo Jung Suk. I am always immersed in his acting. Directly after follows Lee Joon Gi. Also, I don't know why I am acting like Ji Chang Wook isn't one of my favorite actors as well. Sigh, there is really no rank between these three.

My favorite actress is Gong Hyo Jin, she really is the queen of romances, but there are so many other I really like, too. She recently has been joined by the incredible Park Min Young. I just had to fall for her great acting and her ability to have the greatest chemistry with all her co-stars. 

Some Recommendations for You (without any order to them, they're all very good):

Jealousy Incarnate - both, Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin play the leads in this one and they just convinced me more in my love for them. But let me tell you, not only is the acting really, really good here but the plot is also a masterpiece in itself. While it makes you cry and laugh, it also makes issues subject of discussion that are common in reality but just rarely talked about in entertainment and media.

Jealousy Incarnate
Healer - starring Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young, also very nice actors. This drama keeps you on edge most of the time. It really makes you want to uncover all the secrets and bad guys, while following Ji Chang Wook's role through his very first love and making you envy the personality of Park Min Young's character.
Heart to Heart- Choi Kang Hee and Chun Jung Myung make you fall in love with their love. What makes this drama really special is the feeling and the directing. While the plot isn't necessarily something completely new, it handles everything very different. There are few small plot twists that you wouldn't expect, so you'll keep wondering what's going to happen next and how can they prevail their sweet, sweet love.Heart to Heart
It's Okay, That's Love - again my Queen Gong Hyo Jin with talented actor Jo In Sung. This romance feels so bitter sweet, and maybe I like Gong Hyo Jin so much because she always picks up dramas that deal with issues or plots that you've never seen before. This drama is a perfect example for how important supporting roles can be. All the side characters had a story to themself, had problems and difficulties and they all try to overcome these while supporting each other.It's Okay, That's Love
Liar Game - Lee Sang Yoon, Kim So Eun and Shin Sung Rok deliver a performance that kept me awake at night. This drama is not about romance, though sometimes they light some sparks but I love this one because it is so intriguing. They have so many good plot twist but even more "mind twists". It will keep you on the edge, I promise, you will have to know what happens next and you will try to be as smart as the characters in there.Liar Game
Goblin - Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun. You probably heard of that one already. It is one of the few fantasy dramas out there that really work. It has a very different feel to it just because of its cinematography and first it'll be like you're watching a movie instead. You will be guessing for the leads identity the whole time until they uncover it themselves and you will make up theories of how they can all live happily ever after and if it is even possible. Also, you will cry.Goblin
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms aka Eternal Love -  stunning Yang Mi and handsome Mark Chao brought me the most beautiful fantasy romance I have ever watched. The moment you start you'll be taken prisoner by the beautiful settings, by the leads, by the supporting cast. You'll love with your whole heart and you'll hate with every fiber of your body and then you'll have watched 58 episodes and be shocked how time could move so fast because you just started watching. You'll read comments that mostly share your feelings and are hilarious and then you'll fall into a slump because no other drama can compare. You'll desperately be searching for other similar Chinese dramas, but you'll notice very soon that there is still no other that can compare and even a year later you'll still be searching for something that can fill this void and eventually you will buy the book.
Reply 1997 and 1988 - too many main characters. 1997 is more on the romance side, while of course friendship and family relations are not forgotten. 1988 makes you feel it is about the romance at first but later on, you will notice that what makes this one special are all the other relationships after the main couple. The interesting thing in with the Reply Series is that you never know whom the female lead chooses as her husband in the end. And you'll keep guessing until the very last episode while you feel so much nostalgia because it is set in the title's time.Reply 1997Reply 1988

I also recommend (and not less watch-worthy):

Click on it.

Suspicious PartnerBecause This Is My First LifeSecret
Coffee PrinceSomething About 1 PercentAnother Miss OhHo Goo's Love
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooOh My GhostessA Beautiful MindCruel City

My rating-system:

I only rate if I am done watching or if I already dropped it but it is so bad that it angers me Click on it for examples.

10Great. I loved everything about it. It was perfect. I am so happy, I even accept their flaws. Or it was so well made, that it doesn't deserve less even with their flaws.
9.5 - 9I love it so much, but their was something little that bothered me or it was great and I am glad I watched it, but it somehow still doesn't quite compare to some 10-rated dramas.
8.5 - 8This was good, glad I watched it but I am probably pretty unpleased with how they built up the ending, but it was still fun to watch.
7.5 - 7Was okay. I wouldn't consider watching this again. This made me very aggressive with how they developed and it surely took me a lot of time to finish this.
6.5 - 6Not even really worth my time. I hate it and I don't know why I finished this.
5.5 - 5Probably a movie because I could not keep watching something like that for 16 eps or more. This is a disgrace to my mind. Why would you produce something like that?
4.5 - 1I absolute detest this. Really.  I wan't my time back. This is literally the worst. Why do I hate myself so much?
0Haven't watched/finished that, yet.


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