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*They are both school genre
*They both have that urge to continue watching at least the very end.
*Some cast are idols
Recommended by Joy
Both are Korean drama that focuses on the story involving the heroine's bullying and alienation in school. They both transfer to prodigious schools due to circumstances as the drama starts.

There are love interests, family, and friendship that support the heroine emotionally here and there, so the heroine is not completely alone during her school life.
Recommended by Magicflier
Both dramas focus on bullying and the darker aspects of high school in Korea.
Recommended by Kanra
Both dramas focus on extreme bullying in school and overcoming it. While Who Are You: School 2015 has more romance involved and more of a story outside of the bullying aspect, the feel of these dramas reminded me of each other.
Recommended by Kanra
Both main girl’s take on different identities. The main girl in both struggle with their new identities.
Recommended by Eleanor
Both dramas involves bullying, friendship and teachers struggeling. Side point, the school in "School 2013" is mentioned in "Who Are You School 2015."
Recommended by hyojuniie
It's the original Korean version of the show.
Both female actresses have to play the roles of two different people since she is playing twins.
Recommended by Halsyeon
Recommended by nikonim
1. Both leads are twin siblings
2. Both get switched at one point
3. There is an overall dark history binding the twins
Recommended by Arihant D
Protagonists decided to get involved in the heroine's bullying in school. They end up getting involved with each other, and support each other emotionally. Romance is more dominate, friendship comes after.
Recommended by Magicflier
One actor (in this case actress) portrays two characters--so well done, you think they are really 2 different individuals.
Recommended by Marlene Reyes
Both are school themed dramas, with great friendship and cute romance.
Recommended by Mariie
They both have a main lead who has a concealed identity. Both male leads are athletes and there is also a second male lead that will melt your heart.
Recommended by Bella
Both drama depicts inspiring stories of school life..
About love, conflicts, friendship, betrayal, character development and fulfilling of dreams...
About learning from one's mistake and making it right...
Both also has a love triangle with really good chemistry...^_^
Recommended by fayeblue
The heroine transfers to prodigious school and unknowingly gained the attention of various students around her because of her circumstances, and as a result gets bullied. Both heroines also try to give a strong front toward the bullying she receives, while receiving emotional support from love interests..
Recommended by Magicflier