My feeds are not loading for some reason. It keeps showing blank.

Hi, what browser or device are you using? Have you try to refresh

I was actually using my mobile, so I tried on uc and the inbuilt browser, and neither one is working.

Edit: it's working on chrome (on my phone). Haven't checked on my laptop yet.

Do you know what kind of browser and device it is?

Umm, awkward....I'm not exactly a very tech-savvy person. I'm not sure what you mean by 'what kind', but since I only know the model name (of my phone), I can only tell you that. its Redmi Note 4, and browser is UC Browser, and about the inbuilt one, I've no idea.

Thank you that helped. It should works for most browser now.

It's working now! Thank you!!! (^^)

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