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He's vat ice American 

1 hour ago from the iPhone 15 has been edited

So the fans' silence and lying flat are giving the industry a chance to bully him, why is he being bullied by the drama party when he finally got it this time? I just think that you are not popular, I think you don't have many fans, so what if you mess with you.
On the day of the opening banquet, the crew opened the door and were surprised to see so many fans outside, and some people asked us whose fans we were, and they didn't seem to think that the dignified male protagonist would have so many fans. Where the makeup was made, we met the Yingjiangshan crew bus, all wearing the crew's black T, we said that it was a fan of the male protagonist Liu Xueyi, and someone said "He still has fans", I couldn't help but reply "Why does he have no fans".
So in the eyes of the Yingjiangshan crew, he has no fans, he can take 80 at will, no one cares anyway, and the saying that silent fans equals no fans is not wrong at all.


He's vat ice American

Therefore, all the snow silk can jump as high as they can when they stand up, and only by making a loud voice can he gain respect and protect him

1 hour ago From Hubei

Miao Miao Miao Miao

For an actor like him, who has no one behind him and doesn't pay attention to working purely on his own, fans are his last hole card, fans are no longer willing to speak for him, and who else is willing to speak for him

2 hours ago From Liaoning

Blueberries do not fall over berries

As soon as I entered the group, I dared to put small shoes on the male protagonist Guess how much benefit they received from the other side behind their backs After a few days, some of them are moths

1 hour ago From Zhejiang

Ouch, hey, you're scared of the rats, I'm messing with them

Although this is very vulgar, but he really only has our fans, no team, no background, no backing, and he crawled to this day by himself 🐟, and the male protagonist is what he deserves, but a piece does not mean that it is the best treatment Even if it is a piece, he will still be bullied by Zyk At this time, fans don't stand up and defend it, don't they still expect others to avenge him Silent fans are not fans at all If you really love him, you can't see him suffer this kind of grievance..

1 hour ago From Malaysia

The spirit rabbit of the gods

Why doesn't he have fans? What does that person mean? 😒

1 hour ago From Hong Kong, China

What is the righteousness

He doesn't have fans, does your super-like heroine have fans? 

1 hour ago From Guangdong

The oath is not allowed

Silence or too much sensible is doomed to be bullied

1 hour ago From Jiangsu

One 7 II

Every fan who still loves him, please make a voice for him, okay, okay When no one speaks, it will be particularly easy to bully and suppress

51 minutes ago From Beijing

The four leaves of the Yun family

To be honest, even if you really didn't know Liu Xueyi before or thought he was not a popular student, in front of so many fans, you can't even say a polite word, and you are embarrassed to ridicule, but you don't feel respectful and don't care

45 minutes ago From Henan

__Future weilai

Such 🔪 a crew, damn it

1 hour ago From Hebei

One jio throttle on high speed

He really only has us, although the traffic may not necessarily not be bullied, but there is no background and no traffic will definitely be bullied, don't be silent anymore, jump as high as you can, and only by making a voice can he gain respect and protect him

37 minutes ago From Hunan

What is the righteousness

The drama party is so demonic, I was really worried about the script, and suddenly changed the screenwriter.

1 hour ago From Guangdong

Make a snow rice ball

He really only has us

1 hour ago From Sichuan

The shadow does a good deed every day, and Xiao Yuanzhong is good

There are quite a lot of moths in this crew

Every day I pray for a wish to come true 

6 hours ago

(Blind bb a little bit of ❄️ the feeling that has changed in the past few years)
many years ago: self-confidence and publicity, the future will definitely have a sense of high-spiritedness. It's basically carefree to interact with fans, just like a child growing up happily.

The first two years: There is no sense of unworthiness in the grades. Looking at the twisting and sharp, these are all because I feel that I have not been able to get my hands on the achievements and do not deserve to respond. Because he has no achievements in his own actor, he is not worthy of participating in variety shows, participating in activities, not worthy of shouting tired, not worthy of clearly expressing what he wants, not worthy of dressing himself well, and not worthy of responding to the love of the outside world. Although I know that these things do not affect my work at all, as long as I do not achieve it for a day, I can't do anything else, and doing it is like a betrayal. Although in the eyes of others, he is already okay, not the top, but he is also better than a large number of people. But if he can't meet the standards he sets for himself to be recognized by the outside world, let alone the standards in his heart, he feels that he is not worthy of communicating and integrating with the outside world.

Now: a deeper sense of self-confidence after achieving small goals. Willing to participate in variety shows and activities, willing to share daily life, willing to be soft in the interview and talk about past difficulties, willing to respond generously to the love of fans, and willing to clearly state their demands.
It doesn't have to be a big achievement, it's a small goal that has been achieved, and Xue Xue can cross this level 🥺🥺🥺 in her heart


Your favorite little dot

All of Snow's hard work is finally starting to pay off

37 minutes ago From the United States


My baby is so demanding of himself


Yesterday at 23:43 from the iPhone 13 (pink) with zero delivery from the valley

When you are six times the third male - they praise you for being handsome, but it's a pity that there is no male lead drama
when you are the fifth male third - they praise you for being handsome, thinking that you are the second male lead, and say that the next time you play the male lead,
it will be good for you to play the male lead - they are a little sorry for you, it will be good to play the male lead next time, and some ridicule you when you are the second male lead and you are the second
male lead - some of them think that you are only worthy of playing the second male lead, and they dare to lick your face to play the male lead? Some people say that you will always be a second time, because when you don't have a good performance
, the drama depends on you, and you have a real performance - they ask you, why?

Got it? They don't really feel sorry for you, they just want to satisfy their self-righteous Virgin heart, they don't really feel that there must be some actual achievements in the first time, that's just an excuse they use to mock and trample on you when you do it twice, why do they target you? Because they know that you are steady and steady step by step, they know that once you get up, you are more down-to-earth than their hearts, and you will not naturally quit at a certain stage like assembly line products, so they want to kill you before you make up for the last shortcoming.


The fire is like this, the paste is more loving than everyone, and the signs of fire will be stepped on

Yesterday at 23:45 From Heilongjiang

Peonies always bloom

I can't see that I used to be poor and slowly get rich. Human nature is like that.

1 hour ago From Guizhou

One jio throttle on high speed

The difference between a non-threat and a threat is another matter if you threaten your heart and liver

Yesterday at 23:58 From Hunan

Rubber-faced monkey

The more you step on, the more fire you get

1 hour ago From Shandong

Coconut oolong is three points sweet

How can there be any quiet years, Liu Xueyi has taken the road of overcoming obstacles.

7 minutes ago From Shandong

__Future weilai

#刘学义沈在野# #刘学义慕容璟和# Some people pity him every day is not really a pity, some people ask him every day why he is not popular and do not really want him to be popular, they used to say that he is popular with passers-by, is it possible that he is not a threat, only the fans of the paste coffee will be quiet, he is not zyk but is destined to go up, don't think that the years are quiet after the show is over, The next time we broadcast the drama and the next time we slip the cake, we all have to be ready to fight at all times, okay?

14 mins ago From Hebei

I love to eat bunches of grapes in autumn

There is no difference between threatening and threatening the heart and liver

Yesterday at 23:47 From Zhejiang