If you enjoyed "Eternal Love" you will want to know that the book it is based on is not an original. It's the work of a plagiarist.

The name of the plagiarist is TangQi GongZi.

TangQi published her novel ~10 years ago. Her novel became the basis for the popular Chinese drama, "Eternal Love".

The original novel, Peach Blossom Debt [Tao Hua Zhai - ISBN-10: 7519011232  & ISBN-13: 978-7519011239], was written by DaFeng GuaGuo.
So, what TangQi did was steal Da Feng's work and publish it as her own. Tang Qi's wording, the story she shamelessly sells as her own... it's the work of a most skilled plagiarist.

The original novel is BL-themed. Needless to say, BL-themed stuff is low-profile and pretty much illegal (read. underground) in China. Knowing that DaFeng would have a hard time fighting the establishment, Tang Qi took DaFeng's novel and rewrote it. She replaced homosexual characters with heterosexual characters to cater to mainstream audience... added a little spice here and there and voila! TangQi's very own novel was born.

There's more to the story...
Tang Qi was so bold, she even made fake accounts to talk about (read. advertize) her novels on Da Feng's pages, she posted shit in the comment sections under Da Feng's novels... girl basically went gaga! 
When people found out what TangQi was doing, things got ugly and our anti-hero, Tang Qi, decided to go full scale war. She created an acc pretending to be Da Feng...blah blah blah... long story short, her actions harmed Da Feng's reputation.

Today, Tang Qi is a well-known "writer" in Mainland China.
You me, we know the truth now! She's a thief, who feeds and lives off of other people's creativity... their time and effort.

If you decide to read the book/watch "Eternal Love", please keep the above in mind and give proper credits to DaFeng, the real mind behind the story.
And if you want to know more, here you go:
Hamster428's story

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I know, Panda.
However, I still want to watch Princess Wei Young. I've heard it's great and I want to give it a chance.

Outside China, people had been kept in the dark for so long... so I just wanted to let people know that there's evil spreading, that there's something important they need to know! TangQi's been stealing books for the last 10 years or so. I know my wording is strong, but... i don't care. It's theft! She's a thief with good lawyers and a big pocket!

wow she just make money from other;s people sweat...never thought she will copy more than a novel... 

Sorry, but what do you mean the screenwriters are raising money to fight her? As far as I'm informed, I haven't seen the drama's production team acknowledging the plagiarism accusations of the novel, or taking any action against the author. I'm just curious, I'm wondering if I might have missed something out - so if you know something else, do you mind filling me out on this?


In fact, the drama production team have been accused of plagiarising songs for their theme songs, and also famous Chinese paintings for their posters... and they recently apologised for stealing a soundtrack without proper credit....but only all after the drama have done airing... i have no words.

In the first place, it is pretty much ridiculous for the production team to not have known anything about the plagiarism scandal of the book before they invested in buying over the adaptation rights. They cannot not have known it given that it has been a really big and well-known scandal for years already. Buying the rights to adapt the drama in the first place is already quite telling about their priorities and values... It shouldn't be happening at all.

Oh no my apologies! I thought you were talking about Eternal Love! I'm less informed in the plagiarism scandal surrounding Weiyoung though. Did its novel plagiarised as well?

.... Doesn't that post discuss about Eternal Love / San Sheng San Shi, not Princess Weiyoung...? I'm afraid I've lost you.

Ah I see. Thanks for sharing. Since I didn't watch Weiyoung and have no intentions to, so I didn't really read up on that. Even though I did vaguely heard about the allegations before. It's quite funny I haven't seen as much backlash on Weiyoung as I have seen for San Sheng on Weibo. I guess it's also because how justice hasn't been, and is unlikely to be, served for the latter since it plagiarised a BL novel.
The level of shamelessness leaves me speechless.
Has anyone sued her yet?
It's so sad to see that she's plagiarizing people, getting the money AND getting away with it. I just feel so sad that all of the hard work of these authors are not recognized and instead this Tang Qi gets all the fame and glory =(
@Rin can you enlighten me more about "plagiarising songs for their theme songs, and also famous Chinese paintings for their posters" ?
I would like to read more about this. If you could give me the sources you used  or explain it yourself?  What paintings and songs are ment?