It's been driving me crazy lol So I finally broke down and made a thread for it :D Post the last Thai song you listened to.
Candy Mafia - Blink Blink

I love this group! they're really good.
Sadisfied wrote: I love this group!
they're really good.

I posted a lot of their songs in this thread :Thai Music and there's lots of other artists in there :D
อย่าเยอะ by Girly Berry

Phor Nu Pen Superstar - Weir Sukollawat

Ja Hai Chun Tum Young Ngai (Namtan Mai OST) - Potato

Game Tai Jai - C-Quint

C-Quint - Kon Tee Tur Ruk Gup Kon Tee Ruk Tur

Waii - ถามไม่ตรงคำตอบ

Candy Mafia - Blink Blink
The last Thai pop song that I listened to was Want More Shawty by 3.2.1.
I love Golf-Mike's bounce right now