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I really cannot decide so many things regarding this drama. Usually I avoid rating any drama at 10 points before it ends because the ending is always important!!! But with TBH I'm trying really hard to not rate it 10 yet. I just love it so much. 

I don't think I've enjoyed watching a drama so much ...ever?? TBH is just so much fun. Am I the only one?

Also I cannot decide if I liked HyunJae's hair before the trip to the hairdresser or after. He seems so different. I loved his hair style before because it was so different from what you usually get in dramas and it fit his character so perfectly, then he changed it and while I still thought "Wow Yoon Si Yoon is handsome" I also cried for the loss of the unique hairstyle and now going back to the old seeable-in-every-drama style. But now after some time...well, it looks good too, I guess. Especially because they did keep his character like it was. What does everyone else think?

That is one of my biggest worries actually. HyunJae's character and what will happen with him. I don't want him to change (at least not too much). I want him to at least stay the easy minded (and I didn't say simpleminded on purpose) person who has the heart at the right place but also has a very simple way of thinking about things. But maybe that's just me thinking that and others want him to change like other drama characters normally change.

Do you want HyunJae to go back to his time? How do you think he will end up in the end?

I have no problems rating it a 10 already. It's my favorite airing drama atm. My problem is that I already want to add it to my Top 5 but it hasn't finished yet so I am forcing myself to refrain. :p 

I love his hair now the best. I kept wondering oif he was washing his hair at all before because the little braids ways looked the same. LOL

I love how this drama keeps you guessing about the couple. I am Team Da Bong, but I am not entirely certain, at this point, if that ship will sail or not. :p

I actually have a theory on the plot. I am vaguely wondering if there will be a twist which reveals that Hyun Jae really isn't Ji Hoon's father afterall, but that Gwang Jae is. I started getting suspicious when it came out that Hyun Jae was surprised that he and Bong Hee had been together and there is a huge lack of any romantic reaction from him concerning her. I theorize that after Hyun Jae went missing Bo Hee and Gwang Jae could have hooked up at some point, probably drunk and since Hyun Jae was gone and Gwang Jae appeared to not remember, she just said Hyun Jae was the father. This is just a theory, though!! :p 
I didn't expect to be addicted to this show. It's not really serious and just something to enjoy watching.

I like Hyun Jae current hairstyle. He came from the 90s to 2017, and I think he has changed a lot in a good way.. from self-centered HyunJae to thoughtful Da bong. The hairstyles in this drama actually seem important. Hyun Jae hair style before was unique and he stood out. It was his character from the start to be arrogant and thinking he was no.1. But his time in 2017, he was stuck in a place with no fame, money, and had to do part time jobs for Woo Seung. His hair became modern and down-to-earth. I don't mind him changing because it's only natural.

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It's interesting to hear all the different opinions ^.^ opening my eyes to some new points :D

Although the thing about JiHoon being HyunJae's son...I don't get why people find it strange. GwangJae did say that HyunJae started dating BoHee in the one year gap before HyunJae's dissapearance (the one year HJ, of course, cannot remember because he didn't really live it yet). So I find his emotional reaction not strange at all. Also I really think that him realising he has a son is an important part of his development to a better person and it gives the drama a little bit of a surprising element, so I really hope it stays how it is and it doesn't turn out, JiHoon is not his son.