I want to clarify the fact that this drama has adapted the content of the first novel named Utsukushii kare from a total of three novels, each with a different name, the second being named Nikurashii kare and the third Nayamashii kare. There is another  novel named Interlude, but is not a contInuation of the story in the third novel, but only has extra content that didn`t made it in the first three novels. I  found out that the story doesn`t end with the third novel, and that NAGIRA YUU is currently working on writing a four novel which will continue the story left in Nayamashii kare and will probably be released in the future.

The novels and CDs have explicit sexual content, there aren`t many scenes, but those that are, they are really explicit. So i hope people wouldn`t listen to  the CDs, if they can`t handle this.


There are two english translation for the novels, COURTESY OF LOLLIPOP  and WHITE LOTUS. 

I. The translation from Lollipop is UP again.

This is the link for it- https://lollipopsub.wordpress.com

Their website: https://lollipopsub.tumblr.com/tagged/novel%20translation

II. There is a second translator who has decided to commit on translating the novel in english too, with the name  White Lotus. They are someone who has reached to me personally when it comes to this and who i am really grateful for it.

This is the link for it- https://www.wattpad.com/story/319879286-utsukushii-kare-english-translation

White Lotus has decided  to also publish their translation in Chrysanthemum garden  translation group, which i personally love ( yes, i also read danmei novels hahahaha). 

From now on, their translation can be found both in Wattpad and Chrysanthemum garden. 

This is the link to their translation in Chrysanthemum garden- https://chrysanthemumgarden.com/novel-tl/mbm/

III. We also have two  fansubbers who translated parts of Nayamashii Kare and Interlude. 

 Mauli  has translated a few extra chapters from Interlude:

Interlude: Utsukushii Kare’s Extra Stories Compilation

1. KISS ME (1) (2) (3) (3 NSFW ver)

2. Wonderful World

3. Everyday is Disaster

Mauli  has also uploaded recently the NSFW/uncensored version of KISS ME (3), which means that from now on people can access it from here. 

Saffron_Milk  has translated an important part of Nayamashii Kare (the part where  Kiyoi and Hira meet at the end of the book and what follows after it). The translation is in Russian, but Saffron Mlk has kindly made  a pdf of the whole thing translated by Deepl.

This is the link for the translation- https://www.wattpad.com/story/341800980-отрывки-из-nayamashii-kare-книга-3-серии-красивый

 The link to where to access the PDF can be found  in their translator's comment ( at the beginning of the translation- in the text)

B. AUDIO DRAMAS/CDs. There are also  available two CDs/audio dramas adapted from the first  and second novel, that are in japanese though. 

THE FIRST CD/ Utsukushii kare CD.

After searching  more to see if i can find the first CD online, so i  can share it more easily with everyone, i found a website where it can be listened to online. It also has the original japanese uncensored version, so i will share the link here directly to be accessed by everyone that wants to listen to it. If there is someone that wants to have an offline downloaded version,  i have it this way too and i am willing to share it, just write me in this thread or give me a message privately. 

 The link below contains the original japanese uncensored version ( online version)



The first CD has an transcript of the content in spanish ( basically a translation of the content of the CD in spanish), which people can read if they want.  humangarbage is currently working on an english transcript too.


The link for the spanish translstion: https://suzumiya-bren.blogspot.com/2021/07/utsukushii-kare-espanol18bl.html?m=1

I want to  mention something about any kind of translation that can be found in spanish. If the links are copied in Google chrome ( for exemple,  the spanish transcript of the Utsukushii/ Nikurashii Kare CD), this browser has the posibility to translate the content in english. You have to give a RIGHT CLICK on the upper part of the main page, for exemple in the part where the title and the cover novel is found, and then give click on  TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH. The same process can be done to the pages of the chapters if is  not done automatically, you have to give RIGHT CLICK on the part that has the title of the novel, immediately below the search bar.


The link for the english  transcript: https://www.wattpad.com/story/304398058-utsukushii-kare-audio-drama-english-translation

The english transcript is in course. Until now the user named humangarbage has translated DISC 1 and is currently working on DISC 2 to make it available  for us soon.  The first audio drama is separated in two DISCs,  both in the physical/offline version and in the online version. 

THE SECOND CD/Nikurashii kare CD.

I have the  ORIGINAL JAPANESE UNCENSORED VERSION  of the second audio drama and i can share it to everyone who wants it.  Similarly with the first audio drama, anyone who wants it, can  send me a message privately or in this thread, and i will DM/message  you the link.

 There is a  CENSORED VERSION of this audio drama ( found in BILIBILI) that can be shared publicly since it can be easily accesed if people know where to look for it. I will keep this link  here too for people who don`t want to especially read the uncensored version.




The person who translated Utsukushii Kare CD in spanish has decided to translate Nikurashii Kare CD too.  Nikurashii Kare CD is completely translated now.

The links for the spanish translation: 

DISC 1 : https://suzumiya-bren.blogspot.com/2022/03/nikurashii-kare-espanol18bl.html?m=1

DISC 2: https://suzumiya-bren.blogspot.com/2022/04/nikurashii-kare-disco-2-espanol18bl.html?m=1

DISC 3: https://suzumiya-bren.blogspot.com/2022/04/nikurashii-kare-disco-3-espanol18bl.html?m=1


The user named clmentinecaudroit   has made a translation in english of the content of the second audio drama ( transcript).  The translation  covers the first 12 tracks for now ( which correspond to track 2 of DISC 3). To access the  translation, check the link  below and scroll down among the comments. 


I decided to also post the link where the translation in english for the second audio drama can be accessed directly, since i saw people having a hard time getting it.  

The direct link for the english translation/trancript of clementinecaudroit : https://mega.nz/folder/EWgiQZSL#lkp7pbFaT9Jb9xxS2XoBNw

The english translation of Nikurashii Kare CD don`t cover the 18+ scenes, while the spanish translation has them covered. For the parts that contain the 18+ scenes  ( TRACK 3  and TRACK 13 or respective TRACK 3 from DISC 1 and TRACK 3 from DISC 3) , people should use the spanish translation.

THE THIRD CD/Nayamashii Kare CD.

I am finally able to share the Nayamashii Kare CD with everyone.  Similarly with the other audio dramas, anyone who wants it, can  send me a message privately or in this thread, and i will DM/message  you the link.

Suzumiya- bren, the person who is in charge of the spanish translation of the first and second CD, has picked up the spanish translation for the third CD as well and the translation of DISC 1 is done.  There are two other parts that we have to wait for, because Nayamashii Kare CD has three DISCs in total. 

The links for the spanish translation:

DISC 1:  https://suzumiya-bren.blogspot.com/2023/05/nayamashii-kare-disco-1-espanol18bl.html?m=1

DISC 2: https://suzumiya-bren.blogspot.com/2023/06/nayamashii-kare-disco-2-espanol18bl.html?m=1

DISC 3: https://suzumiya-bren.blogspot.com/2023/09/nayamashii-kare-disco-3-espanol18bl.html?m=1

C. MANGA. The novel has a manga adaptation that was released recently. I want to clarify that the novel is the source material/ the original work from which the drama, audio dramas and the manga is adapted from. The manga is an adaptation itself too.

The volume 1 of the manga was completely released in Japan and a  kind fansubber has  completely scanlated/translated it in english for us. This is the link where the first two chapters can be found scanlated and i will update with any new info i come across about the scanlation status. 



This is all part of a post that i`ve  made recently in reddit. I am part of the subreddit r/boyslove in which i invite everyone to join, is a wonderful sub.  For people who have discovered this discussion thread via the boyslove group, i am known as smittenkittyyan there. 

 The reason i am not as active in MDL anymore, is because i found that boyslove brings much more joy than MDL. People who likes to read my opinions on Utsukushii Kare will always find me there. 

Now, i will start sharing all the stuff that i come across , for people who are interested in them to easily access them in one place. 

I. Even through the novels aren`t completely translated, there is there is someone i come across in twitter that has shared what happens in the novels in details, which i will share the links for everyone who wants to know what to expect.

The link with the summary of Utsukushii Kare

The link for Nikurashii Kare

The link for Nayamashii Kare

II. Translated interviews from the actors, the author of the novel, the director and screenwriter. There is one fansubber who has translated many of the interviews and i will share both their tumblr and twitter 1 and twitter 2

III. Info about the movie. 

 The movie Utsukushii Kare Eternal will be released in April 7 in cinema in Japan and  become available to us most likely on October or November similarly with Cherry Magic ( once the DVD/BLURAY will be OUT). I am sure that the DVD/Bluray for the movie will be subbed, so it`s only a matter of waiting for it to be released. 

Beside the main teaser released about one month ago, the production team also released another three short teasers after each ep from season 2 has finished airing.

The main teaser unsubbed- link

The main teaser subbed- courtesy of Lollipop-link

Short teaser 1- link

Short teaser 2- link

Short teaser 3- link

Short teaser 3 subbed by Lollipop- link

Teaser 4- link

Teaser 5- link

We own quite a lot to Lollipop. Beside the fact that they translated both season 1 and 2, they have translated many of  the teasers from the movies and the series including the previews. This is one of their  twitter channel ,  their tumblr  channel, and their new website where they post their translations,

Right after the last ep of the second season was released, the production team released another new teaser from the movie. God, the production team know what they are doing. They aren't sparing anything. This is the link to where it can be watched.

IV. There are four short bonus clips posted onto smash app.

1. The first clip named TEA OLIVES  has been translated by Lollipop split into two parts.

If those links don`t work, people can see the clip directly from Lollipop tumblr account. This is the link where it can be watched.

2 The  second short clip revolves around Koyama and Kiyoi-  has been translated by Lollipop too. 

This is the  link for it. 

3. The third clip named Hira Kiyoi and Turtle can be found translated here

Lollipop has also translated both the first and season 2, so people who want to see more of their translations can visit their bilibili account. 

4. The four clip is named WAKE UP

This is the link for it. 

Even through i am not as active in MDL, i have made many posts related to Utsukushii Kare, and i will chose the most useful and interesting ones for people who are interested in my reading my  posts related to it. 

Another post related to the second season

 A detailed info about all the parts of Utsukushii Kare and what to expect from the movie

Me getting excited over the teaser of the movie Utsukushii Kare Eternal and dropping spoilers left and right.

The Translator has a cold but Chapter 2 should be coming soon! 

Yep. I saw the announcement. Thank you for writing about this.

I am very excited to read the novel, since from what i heard from other  people it will be a fascinating read.

I love the drama of this!!

where can I read the raw?

I can`t help people with the raw of the novel, since is not available anywhere. I think the only option is probably purchasing it from a japanese website.

The only thing i can help is the CD drama in japanese, for people who are adults, and don`t mind listening to explicit sex scenes, since the novel and CD is 18+,  it shouldn`t be read by minors. There is also available a spanish transcript ( an online translation of the content of the CD )of the CD  drama, that can help with understanding what happens in the CD.

Thank you for information. 😊 

Can u please send the link for Spanish translation??

You're welcome 😊 

gogu Gogu . Thank your sending the  spanish translation.

It's a great pleasure for me. I want more people to reach this great drama and novel. And I want more people to fall in love with this drama and novel. Because I fell in love with this drama and novel. 😊

Man I wish the audio had an English translation. I really like audiobooks! Thanks for linking the novel.. excited to read it after a few more chapters released. Reallllyyyyyy enjoyed the series. 

If you want to read the audio in English, follow this:

1. Click the link Gogu provided above

2. Copy and paste it into the Chrome browser

3. Select English when you see the Google Translate box at the top right.

Hope this helps.