Hi guys! Are you also pumped up with the currently airing drama W? So as to guide  fellow watchers on what is to come, I would list here the said facts in accordance to the drama. So much was given on episode 3 and I think there will be more to come, but so far, here it is. If you find something, don't hesitate to add more! :D

Rules of the W

1. Oh Sung Moo is the creator of the story W 

2. From the incident in Han bridge in which he is about to kill Kang Cheol (the protagonist), the world he created began to move the story against his will.

3. He decided to kill the character but Oh Yeon Joo came to rescue, again he couldn't stop this.
Certain things: (according to ep. 3)

4. Everything in that world spins around Kang Cheol.

5. If something doesn't relate to Kang Cheol, then it isn't featured in the comic.

6. Yeon Joo has her own thoughts even in the world of W but because she isn't a main character, it's not important so it's edited out.

7. The time also flows in accordance to Kang Cheol.

8. Time skips when Kang Cheol is not active.

9. There's no other choice but to compress time, so only important events are shown.

10.The way to come back depends on Kang Cheol.

11. There must be a change in Kang Cheol in order for there to be an ending. When there's an ending, one episode ends, then Yeon Joo can return. Example can be change of feelings. 

12. Yeon Joo is invincible (in the World of W). Shooting her means nothing.

13. At the point Kang Chul decided that Yeon Joo is the key to his life, the main heroine of this comic changed from Yoon So Hui to Oh Yeon Joo.
The certainty in this drama is there is NO RULES. I loved this drama because of its originality  and thrill effect by each episode.., its very unpredictable in the start but sadly, in the middle the awe I felt compared to the first few episodes diminished. Nine was better in building twists and surprises because they stick to the rules established but continously using them while surprising the viewer. Still, there is a fantasy element in this drama which can exempt it from logical way of storytelling. I hope it will be a happy ending. Please do so writer-nim!  This reminds me also of God's gift 14 days, the initial effect was awesome but in the end I cannot give an easy 10.