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"What you are is your gift from God, what you become is your gift to God."

Annyeong Haseyo Fellow Drama Addictees!

About Me:
I'm a self-confessed manga avid reader (former), anime addict (former) and recently (full-blown) Asian dramaholic, I'm amazed (and extremely happy) how it became that way. You're always welcome to be my friend! Godbless! :) 

My Drama Queries 101:

1. So how did it all started?
         It began last 2002 when Meteor Garden was aired in the Philippines. However at that time Im not continuously watching for my preferences was more on anime, then manga. After watching Youre Beautiful, my obsession for dramas was ignited. My first dramas aside from MG were My Girl (first Kdrama), It Started with a Kiss and Gokusen (first Jdrama).

2. How do I hunt down my dramas?
             Firstly,I look for synopsis, then  the reviews,the casts and lastly, the ratings. Recently however, when I like the particular actor of the drama I previously watched, then sometimes it becomes a priority. LOL

3. What genres do I prefer?
           Romance of course. Im a hopeless romantic. ( I think so, lol). However, when the premise itself was interesting, I can start any genre.  My priorities were rom-coms but unexpectedly historical dramas had placed a majority on my favorites. Ah, maybe because historical romance was pure and very sweet. I also like funny dramas as I want to be entertained and go out from my stressful world.

4. How do I rate dramas?
            Affect Vs Technicalities: 60:40. So for me, I favor those dramas that I thoroughly enjoyed, had me crying, made my heart pound, inspired me so much, tickled my brain, thrilled my senses and made me laugh out loud. I will not sacrifice the quality, nonetheless. Im very forgiving on my first dramas so yeah, they were rated higher. XD

5. Why do I love MDL?
               Aside from a site wherein I can organize, review, and discuss dramas, Im very thankful as  this site let me discover more dramas I never thought I would (and enjoy)  and I can interact those I have same interests with.  So thank you, MDL. A lot.

6. What are my recommendations?

                My recommendations are my favorites and those which I had reviews of. Here are they:

MY FAVORITES:  ( 5 aren't ENOUGH!)

Your drama has a long way to go before its over. So dont force yourself to go quickly. If you go slowly, you can see a lot more, in more detail, than the people who go quickly. If you ask me who would grow more between those two, Id say its the one who goes slowly and sees a lot.  Oh-Hyuk (Dream High)

I LOVE Lee Min Ho...

I wanna make you smile so here: for this photo:

King of Dramas <3<3<3

fr: siwohandro and other owners

I'm the happiest when I can be able to watch even at least 2 episodes a week these days! So busy, I miss dramaland and MDL. Hopefully I can watch again a lot of dramas soon. 


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