Doesn't anyone else think that Ji Hyeon is way to freakin' skinny?  She's obviously very athletic (based on how she is able to use her body for comedy and action in this show) but she really looks anorexic, to me.

True, especially in that cruise part where she was taking pictures with the bride, oh my god I felt like puking because of the bones

She's in good physical shape - well enough to perform a perfect split in her martial arts demo scene and that diving scene before the rigging "accident."

As long as she's healthy, I don't see why she would be bothered or be affected in the least by a random guy who's obsessed with superficiality or another one with an obviously puny weak stomach. What a reason to puke for, gah.

Or the women you like are fatties. 

Maybe because she is tall but better than fat i wish if FL were good looking as her instead of normie plane jane type