Favorite Actors Based on Performances

I really like the way they present their characters, whether that means I think they're genuinely skilled as an actor, good at creating chemistry, or had a solid understanding of the character/role they're playing

fiflydramalover Jan 16, 2023
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  • Choi Woo Shik


    A triple hitter bay-bee~ This man's got it all, acting, chemistry, and depth of characters. The only things he's missing is to refine his taste in roles. His filmography feels a bit aimless, like I can't tell what his taste is like at the moment. And I think that's likely because he didn't really get to choose his roles so much in the past, but I'd like to see him get more picky in the future.

  • Leslie Cheung

    Hong Konger

    Another triple hitter RIP to a king

  • Zhou Xun


    Her chemistry is amazing, I'd say she's also a triple hitter

  • Asano Tadanobu


    He just feels so alive in his roles its amazing

  • Inoue Sora


    A great actor, but I think sometimes there's a bit of pride that gets in the way of him studying a scene/character if the project doesn't vibe with him. He's great though and I love him. I have a feeling he'll get picky in his roles pretty quickly, so I'm looking forward to getting to know his taste.

  • Takahashi Issei


    Great actor. After playing so many roles, I think it gets hard to make each one feel unique, but he's very talented and does his best to give nuance to each character he plays.

  • Gong Hyo Jin

    South Korean

    I think she's starting to fall into acting patterns over time and has lost a bit of that character depth, but she is a great actor and has a fun way of building chemistry

  • Sakuma Ryuto


    I've only seen him in one show so far, but I'm very impressed. Looking forward to getting to know his other stuff.

  • Kim Seul Gi

    South Korean

    Just fantastic and underappreciated

  • Koseki Yuta


    Chemistry is fun and he usually has a great understanding of his characters. Not the best actor out there, but if you have chemistry and a good understanding of your character, the performance will usually still come out pretty good.

  • Im Joo Hwan

    South Korean

    He does a good job of portraying his characters in a unique way. I don't think there are many actors today who can give the performances he did. He's like a croissant, adding delicate layers to otherwise flat characters. I wouldn't say he's an amazing actor overall, but he his unique way of presenting characters makes me like him.

  • Yoon Eun Hye

    South Korean

    Coffee Prince love~ She just threw everything she had into this role

  • Liu Ye


    I've only seen him in a few roles, but I liked his acting

  • Wang Yi Nan


    Fantastic in Story of Ming Lan

  • Zhou Dong Yu


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