My Not Worth the Hype Picks

Dramas that are really hyped up but I personally plodded along or perhaps dropped . 

So the top of the list are the worst and lower down the list are slightly bearable watches . I.e. it gets bearable from Nirvana in Fire onwards 

nfabjoy Jun 13, 2020
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  • She Was Pretty

    1. She Was Pretty

    Korean Drama - 2015, 16 episodes

    One word : unbearable with barely any potential 

  • The Penthouse: War in Life

    2. The Penthouse: War in Life

    Korean Drama - 2020, 21 episodes

    This has been hyped up as the drama that broughtback modern soap opera vibes . It also enjoys a good international following and I wonder why . It’s so loud as everyone is speaking at the tops of their voices . It’s also poorly emotionally regulated 

  • The Legend of the Blue Sea

    3. The Legend of the Blue Sea

    Korean Drama - 2016, 20 episodes


    Visually stimulating but offers nothing new and is a lacklustre effort when it comes to its genre . Really feel like I'm not missing out on anything .

    The chemistry is super non existent . Should have been recast . The comedy was ANNOYING.

  • IRIS

    4. IRIS

    Korean Drama - 2009, 20 episodes


    This one is hailed as a must watch action pick with Lee Byung Han. His dramas are just not it for me and particularly this one 

  • Secret Garden

    5. Secret Garden

    Korean Drama - 2010, 20 episodes


    Different strokes for different people. It was unwatchable for me for too many reasons to list 

  • Someday or One Day

    6. Someday or One Day

    Taiwanese Drama - 2019, 13 episodes


    Really wanted to like this because the story sounds so cool and it’s so hyped up  but yikes territory it was for me 

  • Descendants of the Sun

    7. Descendants of the Sun

    Korean Drama - 2016, 16 episodes


    The story line had the potential to be cool but too much cheese ; the racist stereotypes were unforgivable and everything was painfully shallow and banal.

  • The Heirs

    8. The Heirs

    Korean Drama - 2013, 20 episodes


    A cheap imitation of Gossip Girl with no integrity 

  • Vincenzo

    9. Vincenzo

    Korean Drama - 2021, 20 episodes

    I like that it is a different sort of drama and the hype is well placed for that but it did come across as obnoxiously OTT and I have never made it past episode 4

  • Mr. Sunshine

    10. Mr. Sunshine

    Korean Drama - 2018, 24 episodes


    Never had a moment to connect with the characters. The female lead was also insufferable and so was the set design that was too bright for its time period

  • The World of the Married

    11. The World of the Married

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes

    The world building was just so determinedly without nuance - TORPID . 

  • Hidden Love

    12. Hidden Love

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 25 episodes

    Soooo hyped up but I just could not make it past ep 3 . Its a bit sterile 

  • Coffee Prince

    13. Coffee Prince

    Korean Drama - 2007, 17 episodes


    The premise was illogical and made people look unnecessarily stupid for too long . Deft writing could have remedied all of that but no.    

  • City Hunter

    14. City Hunter

    Korean Drama - 2011, 20 episodes


    Another hyped up action drama in dramaland .Sigh.I almost liked this one . Loved the first 5 eps and even binge watched but then the plot threw away the most intriguing plot point and it just fell flat 

  • My Mister

    15. My Mister

    Korean Drama - 2018, 16 episodes


    Hectic that this drama is even on here but alas. Just could not get into it AT ALL. There's a character called Ji An played by a pouty IU and the main male lead also has a pout. Pouts aside, there are some winning moments but it is a strong cup of tea that is just not my cup.

  • Healer

    16. Healer

    Korean Drama - 2014, 20 episodes


    Somethings are just not right about this drama.

  • Nirvana in Fire

    17. Nirvana in Fire

    Chinese Drama - 2015, 54 episodes


    I really felt irreverent dropping this drama. I do acknowledge its mastery but it really is not emotionally grabbing and has zero x factor . I truly plodded along.

  • Queen of Tears

    18. Queen of Tears

    Korean Drama - 2024, 16 episodes

    This is the highest rated TvN drama beating CLOY. Umm, Felt like 3 dramas in one and the chemistry between the leads was barely passable . This review perfectly explains

  • The Princess's Man

    19. The Princess's Man

    Korean Drama - 2011, 24 episodes

    There seems to be nothing wrong with it much like Nirvana in  Fire but it was one of those different strokes for different folks type of dramas

  • Eternal Love

    20. Eternal Love

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 58 episodes


    This is yet another example of different strokes for different folks.  I never resonated with this drama . I found the CGI intensely overwhelming. The main leads stone faced and annoying and the set gimmicky . All things I , unfortunately, could not look past. 

  • Love in the Moonlight

    21. Love in the Moonlight

    Korean Drama - 2016, 18 episodes


    I see this drama on a lot of k drama bucket lists and it really isn't worth it. There are better saegeks with this vibe out there . Its actually watchable though 

  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

    22. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

    Korean Drama - 2016, 20 episodes


    You can definitely finish this one but it really is wearisome

  • The King: Eternal Monarch

    23. The King: Eternal Monarch

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes


    Weird one because it was fun to watch but was an eternal mess at the same time .

  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

    24. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

    Korean Drama - 2017, 16 episodes


    What was the point of this drama ? So silly but oddly entertaining!

  • It's Okay to Not Be Okay

    25. It's Okay to Not Be Okay

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes


    They say its "healing " they say its "perfect." I say its bewildering and shallow and uses mental illness i.e psychopathy as a crude entertainment device because they were lazy.It really was a tedious watch.

  • Reborn Rich

    26. Reborn Rich

    Korean Drama - 2022, 16 episodes


    There goes Song Joong Ki delivering yet another unnuanced portrayal.  Sigh.Also , the drama just never quite found its stride and failed to resonate . The Chairman though is BRILLIANT